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San Francisco OKs 'Bill of Rights' for Retail Workers

Now employee schedules must be set 2 weeks in advance

(Newser) - San Francisco has moved to help workers stymied by uncertain schedules: Under what's being called the " Retail Workers Bill of Rights ," employers must solidify their employees' shifts at least two weeks in advance—or pay their workers extra in the form of "predictability pay," Politico... More »

Happiest State Is Also Deadliest, for Workers

That would be North Dakota, with 17.7 deaths per 100K

(Newser) - With the nation's fastest-growing economy and lowest unemployment rate, it's no wonder North Dakota is the happiest state in the country—but it's also the deadliest for workers. According to a new report from the AFL-CIO, oil and gas workers are six times more likely to die... More »

Why a $15 Minimum Wage Will Be a Disaster

Jordan Weissman doesn't expect Seattle's experiment to go well

(Newser) - Seattle's plan to raise its minimum wage to $15 will be great for economists—the city will become a "gigantic laboratory for one of the most ambitious, and quite possibly misbegotten, labor market experiments in recent memory," observes Jordan Weissmann at Slate . But it probably won't... More »

When Did Americans Stop Dreaming of Leisure Time?

In the 1950s, we thought we'd have 30-hour workweeks by now: Matt Novak

(Newser) - "Tell your children not to be surprised if the year 2000 finds 35 or even a 20-hour work week fixed by law." That prediction was made by the AP in 1950. In 1967, Walter Cronkite predicted we'd also be enjoying month-long vacations by the year 2000. Today,... More »

Why Labor Lost Its Crucial VW Vote

Pundits weigh in on what the UAW needs to do now

(Newser) - On Friday, the United Auto Workers union lost what had been hyped as a make-or-break vote for the future of the labor movement, as Volkswagen workers in Chattanooga, Tenn., rejected a company-backed plan to unionize. Why did that happen, and what does it mean for unions? Here's what people... More »

Almost 1 in 3 Bank Tellers Need Public Assistance

And that's costing taxpayers almost $900 million a year

(Newser) - You probably don't think of bank tellers the same way you think about, say, the fast food workers protesting today , but they, too, have ample reason to complain about their wages, a new report suggests. Nearly a third of tellers are on some form of public assistance, according to... More »

Apple Probes New Violations at Troubled China Plants

China Labor Watch claims unpaid overtime, poor conditions for workers

(Newser) - Apple is again feeling the heat for the conditions at its Chinese factories, but this time it's Pegatron that may be to blame. A US-based advocacy group claims the supplier's plants, which are taking on more and more Apple production, have "benefited from and relied upon labor... More »

Robots Are Taking Our Jobs

Paul Krugman and the Financial Times discuss the impact of technology on labor

(Newser) - Corporate profits are soaring in the US, yet the economy is depressed. Why? Because capital is doing fine at the expense of labor, Paul Krugman observes in today's New York Times . Yes, that sounds like "an old-fashioned, almost Marxist sort of discussion," but it's the reality... More »

Survey: November Hiring Slumps Due to Sandy

Only 118K jobs last month: ADP

(Newser) - A private survey shows that US businesses added fewer workers in November, in part because Superstorm Sandy shut down factories, retail stores, and other companies. Payroll processor ADP says employers added 118,000 jobs last month. That's below October's total of 157,000, which was revised lower. Moody'... More »

Walmart Workers Walk Out, Plan Black Friday Protest

Chain insists protestors represent a very small portion of its workforce

(Newser) - Workers at a number of Walmart stores walked out yesterday, in the first salvo of a larger series of strikes planned in response to the retailing giant's plan to begin its Black Friday festivities on Thanksgiving . At least 30 workers at six Seattle-area stores went on strike yesterday, the... More »

Woman in Labor Picks Voting Over Hospital

Galicia Malone waited until polling place opened

(Newser) - Safe to say that Galicia Malone was more committed to voting today than most. The 21-year-old Illinois woman was so determined to vote in her first presidential election that, when she went into labor at 3am, she insisted on waiting until she could get to her polling place before going... More »

Foxconn: We Hired Underage Interns

Company sends 14- to 16-year-olds back to school

(Newser) - A Foxconn internal investigation found the company employed underage interns for three weeks, the firm tells Bloomberg . An advocacy group yesterday cited a "small number" of summer interns between the ages of 14 and 16. "Any Foxconn employee found, through our investigation, to be responsible for these violations... More »

Premature Babies More Prone to Mental Illness

Meanwhile, another study says fear makes labor last longer

(Newser) - A pair of new studies today took a look at pregnancy, birth, and the brain, with one focused on the baby and the other on the mother. The breakdown:
  • The first found that babies born very prematurely—at less than 32 weeks of gestation—were twice as likely to be
... More »

90% of Food Workers Basically Starving

New study finds lousy conditions for workers

(Newser) - Mamas, don't let your babies grow up to be line cooks. The food industry is a pretty terrible one to work in, a new study from the Food Chain Workers Alliance argues, with nearly nine out of every 10 workers earning less than a "livable wage." The... More »

Foxconn Caves to Pressure, Ups Wages

Apple supplier works to improve conditions following consumer outcry

(Newser) - Foxconn will bump workers' salaries by as much as 25% while decreasing the amount of overtime demanded of them, the company announced this weekend, in a bid to stem the tide of outrage against it and high-profile customers such as Apple, Hewlett-Packard, and Dell. The move is a victory for... More »

In Amazon's Warehouse, Shades of Grapes of Wrath

LeHigh warehouse like something out of Grapes of Wrath , Ezra Klein observes

(Newser) - In the Grapes of Wrath, the Joad family gets a hard lesson in economics, when they follow a handbill for jobs to California—only to find there are no jobs. Why, he asks, did they put out the handbills? A fellow homeless man replies that if you’ve but one... More »

Investors, Not Laborers, Are Now the Heroes

EJ Dionne: Today should really be called 'Capital Day'

(Newser) - "Labor Day" is a misnomer, and we're the ones who have made it so, writes EJ Dionne for the Washington Post . Today, and every day in America, we no longer celebrate workers "as the real creators of wealth." We reserve the highest praise for "capital,... More »

Multinationals Cut 2.9M US Jobs, Hired 2.4M Abroad

Skilled jobs oozed out of the States in the 2000s

(Newser) - The US Commerce Department released a report today throwing into sharp relief just how drastically US multinational corporations are shifting jobs overseas. During the 2000s, US companies cut 2.9 million jobs in the US, while hiring 2.4 million abroad—including an increasing number of highly-skilled workers, the Wall ... More »

Preston: Why Scientology Moms Shut Up in Labor

Kelly gives first interview since birth of Benjamin

(Newser) - John Travolta's wife gave birth to new son Benjamin in total silence because that's what Scientology demands, right? Well, sort of. "It's just no words as much as possible. If you need to moan, if you cry out or all of that, of course, that's normal," Kelly Preston... More »

Bill Clinton Wants Credit for Inducing Labor

Rep. John Boccieri has to leave to see baby born

(Newser) - Today's odd moment from the campaign trail: Bill Clinton had to interrupt his stump speech on behalf of Ohio Rep. John Boccieri for a pretty good reason—Boccieri's wife was in labor. "The baby's now being born, tell him goodbye," Clinton told the crowd. "You'd be amazed... More »

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