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Mich., Fla. Get Full Delegations

But compromise shouldn't endanger Obama

(Newser) - The much-contested delegations from Michigan and Florida will receive full voting rights at the Democratic National Convention tonight, the Washington Post reports. Michigan and Florida’s primaries favored Hillary Clinton, but adjustments have been made in Obama’s favor, and Clinton seems poised to release her delegates to vote as... More »

How Obama Did It: The Delegate Strategy

Delegate-by-delegate fight led to historic upset

(Newser) - Last night was not a triumphant coronation for Barack Obama, whose campaign limped over the finish line in Montana and South Dakota. But the Illinois senator's victory over Hillary Clinton—one of the biggest upsets in US political history, writes the Washington Post—was never about glamorous wins in battleground... More »

AP: Obama 'Effectively' Clinches Nomination

Tally based partly on private superdelegate commitments

(Newser) - The AP declared today that Barack Obama has “effectively clinched” the Democratic nomination, basing its projection in part on 15 private commitments from superdelegates. Adding to that a minimum 11 delegates Obama is poised to capture in the final two primaries today, the wire service concludes that the Chicagoan... More »

Obama Pulls Ahead of McCain by 8 Points

Likely nominee now has majority of pledged delegates

(Newser) - Barack Obama, who claimed a majority of pledged delegates last night after his win in the Oregon primary, has opened up an 8-point lead over John McCain in national polling, reports Reuters. Obama, who was tied with McCain in the Reuters/Zogby poll a month ago, also doubled, to 26 points,... More »

Obama Plans 'Victory' Trip to Iowa

Senator hopes to move closer to nod in state that started it all

(Newser) - Barack Obama plans a primary-day early victory trip to Iowa, where he won the Democrats’ first contest, Reuters reports. He anticipates grabbing a majority of pledged delegates after the Oregon and Kentucky vote that will help clinch the race —though neither candidate will have enough pledged delegates to lock... More »

Obama Will Declare Victory on May 20

That's the day he'll have a majority of pledged delegates

(Newser) - Barack Obama plans to lay claim to his party’s nomination on May 20, the day that votes in Kentucky and Oregon will net him a majority of pledged delegates, a top aide tells Politico, setting up what David Paul Kuhn calls “a train wreck waiting to happen.”... More »

Obama Appears To Gain in Texas Delegate Count

State convention tally would boost him past Clinton overall there

(Newser) - Barack Obama apparently overtook Hillary Clinton in Texas’ pledged-delegate count after this weekend’s regional Democratic conventions netted him seven to nine more at-large delegates than Clinton, the Houston Chronicle reports. “We can confirm now that Barack Obama won Texas,” an aide said after the campaign's math gave... More »

Bill to Dems on Primaries: Chill!

Let primary process continue, he urges party faithful

(Newser) - Former President Bill Clinton told California Democrats to "chill out" and let the long, bruising battle between Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama for the Democratic nomination continue. "We are going to win this election if we just chill out and let everybody have their say," Clinton told... More »

Superdelegates Waiting to Pick Sides

Batch of party elites could pick the next nominee

(Newser) - Hillary Clinton lost Wyoming yesterday, but today the Washington Post has some welcome news for the Democratic underdog: Many superdelegates say they’ll wait until the end of the primaries to chose a candidate. “You’re going to see a lot of delegates remaining uncommitted,” said one neutral... More »

Hillary Superdelegates Hold Firm

Dem leaders worried insiders could snatch nomination from popular vote

(Newser) - House Democrats who support Hillary Clinton appear to be rejecting calls to switch their support to Barack Obama if circumstances give the super delegates the deciding votes, the Hill reports. Despite charges that it would be anti-democratic to defy voters in their home states, many who talked to the Hill ... More »

This Week's Other Caucus

Wyoming Republicans choose a candidate Saturday, but nobody knows who's in the lead

(Newser) - With all eyes focused on Iowa, another state is gearing up for its own caucus: Wyoming, whose Republican Party will choose delegates this Saturday. Only three candidates have bothered to visit Dick Cheney's home state ahead of the poll, and none are planning to show up between now and Saturday... More »

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