Omri Sharon

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'Indict Olmert,' Israeli Cops Urge

Resignation expected soon

(Newser) - Israeli police are recommending that embattled Prime Minister Ehud Olmert be indicted for bribery, money laundering and fraud, reports the Guardian. The final decision on what action to take after the 18-month investigation rests with the nation's attorney general. Olmert has already indicated he will resign within days.   More »

Ariel Sharon Turns 80 in Coma

No change in former Israeli PM's condition, doctors not optimistic

(Newser) - Former Israeli prime minister Ariel Sharon turned 80 yesterday, still in a coma from a massive stroke in January 2006. Family members gathered at the hospital to mark the occasion, the Jerusalem Post reports. Among them was his eldest son, Omri, due to start a seven-month jail sentence today for... More »

2 Stories