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How Your Phone Number Can Betray You

Hackers becoming adept at hijacking smartphones

(Newser) - Most people have learned to keep a lid on their Social Security number, but they're happy to toss around their phone number at will. As two security experts demonstrate to the Los Angeles Times , that's becoming dangerous in the age of smartphones. Through those seven digits, hackers can hijack your... More »

Don't Sweat the iPad Security Breach*

*Unless you're worried about AT&T's basic ability to protect your data

(Newser) - Fear not, iPad users. The AT&T security screw-up that gave hackers free and easy access to your email address probably isn’t anything to lose sleep over in and of itself, writes John Herrman of Gizmodo . The leak, which could have affected anyone with a 3G-capable iPad, wouldn’t... More »

Watchmaker's Anti-Fakery Technique Is So Money

Vacheron Constantin uses methods used to foil counterfeiters on new $50K line

(Newser) - A Swiss watchmaker has broken new ground in the effort to fight fakery, Portfolio reports, using techniques designed to foil currency counterfeiters on a new line of timepieces that run to $50,000. Vacheron Constantin uses laser engraving on tiny components, and coats dials with transparent film printed with tiny... More »

Comcast Hackers: Company Dismissed Our Warning

Teens await police, say they may strike again

(Newser) - Two teens who wrested control of Comcast’s homepage and webmail for 5 hours yesterday say they warned the company before the hijacking but were brushed off. In an interview with Wired, the two anonymous teens were triumphant about their assault on the ISP but expected to be arrested. “... More »

States Cracking Down on 'Spychip' Privacy Lapses

California and Washington take action to block some uses of RFID tags

(Newser) - Radio Frequency ID tags—data-loaded microchips that track everything from shipping containers to cars to humans—increasingly are raising concerns with privacy advocates who worry the “spychips” could reveal too much about our lives, reports Ars Technica. Tech-savvy states such as Washington and California are trying to legislate RFIDs,... More »

5 Stories