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Want Predictions? Bet on Markets, Not Polls

Mapping the future by getting investors to put their money on it is more accurate

(Newser) - Opinion polls have a spotty track record when it comes to predicting political events, Paul Parsons writes in the Telegraph. He recommends a clearer crystal ball: futures markets, such as the University of Iowa’s Electronic Market. Functionally the same as a financial market, IEM allows individuals to bet between... More »

Media Gurus Take Stock of New Website brings a market mentality to picking the next hit

(Newser) - An enterprising start-up thinks it knows how to pick the next Da Vinci Code or "Friends," the Economist reports: virtual stockmarkets. lets volunteers use play money to bet on the success of a book manuscript, TV pilot, or opening-day take, and hopes the wisdom of crowds... More »

2 Stories