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CDC Officially Warns Against Kissing, Snuggling Hedgehogs

Due to a recent salmonella outbreak

(Newser) - "Don't kiss or snuggle hedgehogs." That's the official warning from the CDC due to a salmonella outbreak, the New York Times reports. Eleven people across eight states have all been infected with the same strain of the bacteria, and 10 of those people said they'd... More »

Facebook Almost Had a Blue Hedgehog Mascot

Maybe they'd never heard of Sonic?

(Newser) - Facebook for a while actually considered adopting a blue hedgehog mascot—no, not that blue hedgehog mascot—in the apparent belief that friendly animals were the key to winning over businesses. In a recent response to a Quora question , spotted by the LA Times , an ex-Facebook employee reveals that back... More »

Hedgehog Lobby Sways McD's

German group convinces giant to replace McFlurry lids that trapped spiky critters

(Newser) - Under fire from environmental groups in Germany, McDonald's plans to replace lids on its McFlurry dessert so as not to threaten hedgehogs—which were getting their heads trapped in the lids and starving to death, Der Spiegel reports. "We needed to find an opening that was big enough for... More »

3 Stories