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On Idol, Ellen DeGeneres Is Stealing the Show

She's friendly, down to earth, and won't play 'second fiddle' to Simon

(Newser) - Ellen DeGeneres gets a glowing review for her work on American Idol from Alessandra Stanley. "Midway through her first season, Ms. DeGeneres has all but hijacked the show, playing second fiddle to no one, not even the overbearing Mr. Cowell," she writes in the New York Times . All... More »

NBC's Rah-Rah Coverage of Team USA Nauseates

As anchors fawn, foreign athletes described with 'hoary cliches'

(Newser) - Shaun White may be introducing new tricks during these Games, but NBC’s coverage of him, and Team USA in general, remains an unchanged lesson in "network heavy breathing," writes Alessandra Stanley. “Hyped-up commentators” explain the action “often incomprehensibly,” but once the race is over... More »

New Season Turns Heroes Into Victims

Generation Y's 'woe is us' attitude blindingly reflected in NBC's sci-fi drama

(Newser) - Beginning their third season tonight, the scrappy band of young world-savers of NBC’s Heroes is just in time, Alessandra Stanley writes in the New York Times. The dangers they have to face, from a sinister conglomerate started by their parents to deadly viruses, make a convenient parallel to the... More »

Dem Debate Oddly Like 'SNL' Parody

Clinton sees Barack coddling; NYT writer says she has a case

(Newser) - Hillary Clinton was so taken by last week's "Saturday Night Live" sketch that had moderators fawning over Barack Obama in a debate between the two candidates that she brought it up in the real debate last night. And the debate lived up to the SNL spoof, Alessandra Stanley writes... More »

4 Stories