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Judge: School Can Make Students Wear Tracking Device

Teen sued after being expelled for refusing

(Newser) - Pencils? Check. Textbooks? Check. Tracking devices? Check. A judge in Texas has ruled against a student who was expelled after she refused to wear a tracking device mandatory for all students at her high school. The case is making its way toward federal courts, but come spring semester Andrea Hernandez,... More »

Thousands of Mexicans Implanting Tracking Devices

But experts say they are not likely to work

(Newser) - With kidnappings up 317% over the last five years—not to mention the disturbing fact that more than 20% of the crimes have allegedly involved police officers or soldiers—scared Mexicans are increasingly turning to a controversial method of protecting themselves: tracking devices. For $2,000 upfront and an additional... More »

GPS Shoes to Track Alzheimer's Patients

Shoe-maker and tech firm team up

(Newser) - Two companies are developing GPS-trackable footwear to essentially LoJack Alzheimer's patients, AFP reports. The shoes will spot their location within 30 feet "anywhere on the planet," said a consultant. Sixty percent of Alzheimer's sufferers wander off at least once during the disease, he said, but most retain enough... More »

Stowaway Cat Headed Home After 3 Weeks

Meatloaf survived trip from Florida to Phoenix without food, water

(Newser) - Being a bit on the chubby side probably saved Meatloaf the cat's life, the South Florida Sun-Sentinel reports. The year-old feline wandered into a man's moving container in Florida and was rescued three weeks later when an employee at a Phoenix warehouse heard meowing coming from a crate. Meatloaf, emaciated... More »

4 Stories