South Waziristan

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Blowback Feared After US Strike Kills Pakistani Ally

Maulvi Nazir reportedly had truce with Pakistan

(Newser) - A pair of US drone strikes in northwest Pakistan near the Afghan border killed 13 people today, including a senior militant commander who had a truce with the Pakistani military, intelligence officials and residents said. Five Pakistani security officials said the commander, Maulvi Nazir, was reportedly among nine people killed... More »

US Drone Strike in Pakistan Kills Kin of Militant Leader

Deputy leader of militant group killed in attack

(Newser) - Suspected US unmanned aircraft fired six missiles at a vehicle in Pakistan's rugged tribal region today, killing five militants, including a close ally to one of the area's top commanders, Pakistani intelligence officials said. The attack in the South Waziristan tribal area killed the cousin and brother of... More »

Pakistan: 16 Killed in 3 US Missile Strikes

US drone strikes step up in Waziristan border region

(Newser) - Three missile strikes by US drones along the Pakistan-Afghanistan border today have killed 16 people, reports AP . The Waziristan strikes come just two days after another drone attack killed a top al-Qaeda commander . The sudden flurry suggests that the US has located other high-value Taliban or al-Qaeda targets—or that... More »

Toll Nears 100 After Pakistan Suicide Attack

Bomber detonated car during volleyball tournament

(Newser) - A northwest Pakistani village that tried to resist Taliban infiltration struggled with grief today as families mourned 96 people killed in an apparent revenge suicide bombing at an outdoor volleyball game. The attack on Shah Hasan Khel village was one of the deadliest in a surge of bombings that have... More »

Pakistan Bomber Kills 75 at Volleyball Tournament

Suicide attacker drives right onto field

(Newser) - A suicide bomber set off an explosives-laden vehicle on a field during a volleyball tournament today in northwest Pakistan, killing at least 75 people and wounding more than 60. The blast took place in a congested neighorhood in Lakki Marwat city, not far from South Waziristan, and the force of... More »

Pakistani Taliban Commander: We're Surging, Too

Waliur Rehman says he's sent thousands into Afghanistan to fight US

(Newser) - A top Pakistani Taliban commander says he sent thousands of fighters to neighboring Afghanistan to rebuff incoming US troops, a claim that comes as a Pakistani army offensive is believed to have pushed many of his men to flee their main redoubt. Waliur Rehman told the AP in an exclusive... More »

Pakistan Drives Taliban From S. Waziristan

Militants regroup further north in a different district

(Newser) - Good news from Pakistan's prime minister in the fight against the Taliban—the army has driven the militants from South Waziristan after a 3-month campaign. The bad news: The Taliban appear to have regrouped a little further north in a district called Orakza, reports BBC . "The operation in South... More »

US Claims to Kill al-Qaeda Leader in Drone Strike

But the attack in Waziristan never took place, says Pakistan

(Newser) - A US drone has taken out an al-Qaeda commander that US officials describe as "top-ranking," reports NBC News . No name was released, though officials said that the strike in South Waziristan claimed four lives and injured four more—though Osama bin Laden was not among them. Officials cited... More »

Suicide Bomber Kills 16 in Afghanistan

Two children among the dead in latest attack

(Newser) - A suicide bomber on a motorcycle killed 16 people, including two children and a policeman, and wounded at least 23 others today in a busy city square in western Afghanistan. The violence comes a day after President Hamid Karzai, in his second inaugural address, said he has placed national reconciliation... More »

US Fears Insurgents Are Eluding Pakistan Crackdown

Dubious success of campaign could affect Afghan troop decision

(Newser) - Pakistan's drive to oust militants from South Waziristan has been suspiciously successful, prompting US fears that the enemy is simply eluding Pakistani forces. The military, for example, recently captured Sararogha, the Taliban’s de facto capital. “It all started here,” a commander boasts to the New York Times.... More »

Another Suicide Attack Kills 10 in Pakistan

Car bomb strikes police checkpoint in Peshawar

(Newser) - A suicide car bomber killed 10 people, including four children, today at a police checkpoint on the outskirts of the northwestern Pakistani city of Peshawar. The city has been a main focus of recent attacks, which in the last week alone have killed more than 50 people, including 10 yesterday... More »

10 Killed as Bomber Hits Pakistan Spy Agency

Latest in a string of retaliatory attacks by militants

(Newser) - A suicide bomber in a pickup truck attacked the northwestern regional headquarters of the Pakistani spy agency overseeing a campaign against militancy, killing 10 people today. The attack on the Inter-Services Intelligence agency building occurred in the city of Peshawar, which has borne the brunt of the militants' retaliation against... More »

Pakistan Finds Passports Linked to 9/11

Discovery suggests suspects hiding in South Waziristan

(Newser) - Pakistani soldiers battling their way into a Taliban stronghold along the Afghan border have seized passports that may be linked to 9/11 suspects. One is a German document belonging to a man named Said Bahaji, believed to be a member of the Hamburg cell that conceived the attacks. The passport... More »

US Secretly Speeds Pakistan Military Aid

Washington funnels helicopters, arms, technology for Taliban fight

(Newser) - The Pakistani government keeps insisting that the US has little to no role in its offensive in Taliban-controlled border regions—but out of sight, Washington has funneled hundreds of millions of dollars worth of arms and equipment to the country's forces this year. President Obama himself intervened at one point... More »

In Pakistan Battle Zone, Few Back Army

Hatred of Taliban doesn't translate into support for government

(Newser) - Pakistan is stepping up its US-supported offensive against the Taliban in the country's lawless northwest, but military victories may be fleeting in the face of a greater challenge: winning the support of local people. In the border region near Afghanistan, the Washington Post finds that refugees fear reprisals by the... More »

US Drones Back Up Pakistani Offensive

Predators offer intel on militant positions in South Waziristan

(Newser) - The US military is supporting the Pakistani offensive against Taliban militants in South Waziristan with intelligence and imaging collected by unmanned Predator drones. The support is separate from the CIA program using the drones inside Pakistan to kill terrorist leaders. “We are coordinating with the Pakistanis,” a military... More »

Blasts in Pakistan Kill 24

Insurgents his air force facility, bus headed to wedding

(Newser) - A suicide bomber killed seven people near a major air force complex in northwest Pakistan today, while an explosion killed 17, including three children, on a bus heading to a wedding elsewhere in the region. The attacks are the latest in a surge of militant strikes this month, coinciding with... More »

Brigadier Assassinated in Islamabad

Head of UN mission killed as army pushes into Taliban heartland

(Newser) - A top army officer was gunned down in the Pakistani capital today as the military continued to push into the Taliban's Waziristan sanctuary. Brigadier Moinudin Ahmed, head of the UN peacekeeping mission in Sudan, was shot dead  along with his driver by suspected militants on a motorbike as their jeep... More »

Pakistan Closes All Schools After Bombings

Taliban promises more violence unless army halts offensive

(Newser) - Pakistan closed all of its schools today, following the twin suicide attacks on the International Islamic University in Islamabad yesterday. Four were killed and another 18 wounded, and the Taliban has promised more bombings if Pakistan doesn’t halt its military offensive in South Waziristan’s tribal areas. Pakistan’s... More »

Suicide Attacks Kill 4 at Pakistani School

Simultaneous blasts hit women's cafeteria of Islamic University

(Newser) - Two suicide attackers bombed an Islamic university in the Pakistani capital today, killing four people and wounding 18 as the army pressed ahead with a critical offensive on a Taliban stronghold near Afghanistan, authorities said. The near simultaneous blasts hit a women's cafeteria and a faculty building at Islamabad's International... More »

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