Chinese banks

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Asia Financiers Looking Askance at Western Banks

Credit crunch has investors, regulators questioning the model

(Newser) - Bankers and regulators across Asia have grown wary of the big US banks they once invited to underwrite major moves, the Economist reports. One Chinese regulator described the West’s big banks to the magazine as “shit,” among signs the East no longer trusts the West’s wisdom,... More »

China ATM Glitch Nets Man Life

After withdrawing free money, man found guilty of bank robbery

(Newser) - It seemed like a miracle to Xu Ting of Guangzhou: a misplaced decimal point somewhere in the bowels of an ATM meant that his $140 withdrawal debited his account only 14 cents. Over several hours he made another 170 transactions, pocketing more than $24,000. But after getting robbed and... More »

2 Stories