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Facebook Gets Own App Store

But 'App Center' is more of an 'App Showcase'

(Newser) - Facebook announced its own App Center yesterday , in a move being touted as "smart" that will likely boost its influence even further. The "store" will open in the next few weeks, Fast Company reports; there will be both web and mobile versions. On CNET , Rafe Needleman calls the... More »

Angry Birds Launches on the Web

Now you can feed your addiction without your phone

(Newser) - You no longer need a smartphone to shoot furious fowl at evil swine: As its international popularity continues to soar, Angry Birds is taking off on the Web. Maker Rovio has teamed with Google for a beta version of the game, which was developed for Google’s Chrome OS and... More »

Facebook, iTunes Ruining Web ... Says Web's Creator

Tim Berners-Lee blasts those chipping away at its 'egalitarian principles'

(Newser) - Sir Tim Berners-Lee, the British engineer credited with inventing the World Wide Web, has a message for us: Social networking sites, app developers, and other entities, if left unchecked, will ruin his creation—which now belongs to all of us. "The web evolved into a powerful, ubiquitous tool because... More »

The Web Is Dead. The Internet Rules

Forget the open WWW—it's all about apps now

(Newser) - As the World Wide Web turns 18, Wired declares it dead—even as the Internet continues to rule. Chris Anderson takes us through a typical user's day: email checked and Facebook browsed on an iPad; podcasts and Pandora listened to; Skype and IM conversations held. "You’ve spent the... More »

The Facebook 'Dislike' App Is Bogus

Spam malware preys on your desire to insult your friends

(Newser) - A Facebook scam is taking advantage of users who want to hate on posts, links, and pictures. The purported "dislike" app, ostensibly from a Facebook friend, forwards would-be curmudgeons to a page that promises "shocking video"—but instead prompts them to complete surveys, which the BBC notes... More »

Smartphones Block Out Real World

Fathers, lovers, etc. lost in omnipresent gratification of data

(Newser) - Once upon a time, a professor says, we “put up” with the piecemeal flow of information “because we had to,” but now that the world is at our fingertips, it’s hard to resist. Just ask the dad who let a bathtub holding his daughter overflow because... More »

Google Gives Select Few a Taste of Wave

New communication tool isn't 'ready for primetime' yet

(Newser) - A hundred thousand lucky beta testers today got their hands on the much-hyped “Google Wave,” a communication app that Google’s calling “what email would look like if it were designed today.” Wave operates a little like a cross between email, instant messaging, and collaborative wikis,... More »

10 Webapps Worth Tweeting About

Create chatrooms and manage voicemail with these lesser-known programs

(Newser) - Not all webapps are blessed with Twitter’s marketing push and word-of-mouth, so Lifehacker profiles a few worth tweeting about:
  • TinyChat: Connect with up to 12 people using live video in a chatroom. The rooms aren’t password-protected for non-paying chatters, but did we mention it’s all for free?
... More »

Angry Users Leave Facebook Ads in Limbo

Site would profit from News Feed spam, but members hate it

(Newser) - Facebook is in a bind, Owen Thomas writes on Valleywag. The social network has boosted its membership to 120 million, partly by keeping spam to a minimum. But to make money, Facebook needs advertising—which means allowing app developers to bug users with spam on Facebook's News Feed. Yet when... More »

Web Lets Parents Peek Into School Day

New online tools to monitor lunches, grades, attendance

(Newser) - Parents are taking advantage of new web tools to monitor their children’s activities at school, the Los Angeles Times reports. A California program set to debut next year will allow doting parents to keep an eye on what kids buy for lunch, and let school officials know about food... More »

Microsoft's Photosynth Cool, If Frustrating

Web-based service creating 3-D panoramas can be difficult to use—but often worth it

(Newser) - Live Labs, Microsoft’s 125-man web innovation unit, launched its first major product today, and it’s certifiably neato, Walter Mossberg writes in the Wall Street Journal. Dubbed “Photosynth” the free, web-based program converts your photos into navigable 3-D environments. It’s an amazing service, Mossberg writes, “an... More »

Google Sites App Again Targets Microsoft Office

Program allows workgroups to create online media

(Newser) - Google hopes to make another dent in Microsoft’s productivity empire with a new application: Google Sites. The program lets workgroups create multimedia web content, and rivals Microsoft’s $1-billion-a-year SharePoint, the New York Times reports. It joins Google apps for email, word processing, and more in an assault on... More »

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