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Quake May Cause iPad Part Shortage

Toshiba shut down a flash memory facility

(Newser) - The earthquake that rocked Japan may also put a dent into Apple’s iPad supply, a financial analyst warned yesterday. Two key iPad 2 components—its super-thin battery and its flash memory—are manufactured in Japan, research firm HIS iSuppli noted. Toshiba, which makes the device’s flash memory, had... More »

Auto Suppliers Seek Their Own Bailout

Trade groups warn industry could collapse from bottom up as Big 3 troubles filter down

(Newser) - The auto industry is warning that it could collapse from the bottom up if the government doesn't immediately assist America's car parts suppliers, the Washington Post reports. Suppliers are struggling to use their unpaid billings to troubled automakers—usually 45 to 60 days behind deliveries—as collateral for operating loans,... More »

Afghan Unrest Idles Pakistani Truckers Supplying NATO

Attacks on Khyber Pass route have drivers demanding a pay increase

(Newser) - Last week’s attacks on American supply lines have Pakistani truck drivers refusing to drive into Afghanistan to resupply NATO troops, the Times of London reports. The route through the Khyber Pass was scheduled to reopen today, but the truckers union is holding out for a significant bump in pay.... More »

Auto Suppliers Panic as Detroit Collapse Nears

Owed billions by GM and Chrysler, many near failure

(Newser) - The looming collapse of GM and Chrysler is sending shudders all the way down the supply chain, the New York Times reports. America's auto parts suppliers employ 600,000 people—more than twice as many as the Big Three automakers combined—but many suppliers are already stretched to the limit... More »

Bush Pledges More Troops for Afghanistan

Gates confident new administration will honor promise to NATO

(Newser) - The US will boost the number of its troops committed to NATO's effort in Afghanistan in 2009, President Bush told fellow alliance members at this week's summit, Reuters reports. Defense Secretary Robert Gates related the pledge to reporters as he left the Bucharest summit. He didn’t specify a figure,... More »

More US Troops Outfitting Themselves for Combat

With slow supply chain—and style—among concerns, market grows to $150M annually

(Newser) - US troops are increasingly augmenting their military-issue gear with higher-end commercial products to gain an extra edge—and look sharp, the Christian Science Monitor reports. The military has encouraged the trend, perhaps in response to the equipment shortages that have dogged the Iraq and Afghanistan war efforts, loosening procurement rules... More »

Heparin Supply Chain Shaky in China

Troubles could trace back to vulnerable raw materials

(Newser) - With at least four US patients dead and hundreds suffering complications from the blood-thinning drug heparin, the New York Times follows the supply chain back to Chinese slaughterhouses that deal with the pig intestines that provide raw material for the drug. Though companies say the chain is secure, the Times... More »

7 Stories