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Jet Hits Deer on Takeoff, Returns to Airport Leaking Fuel

The deer apparently damaged a wing flap

(Newser) - Authorities say an American Eagle flight struck a deer while taking off from the Charlotte, North Carolina, international airport, forcing it to turn around, the AP reports. The FAA said in a statement that the pilot of Flight 5320 to Gulfport, Mississippi, declared an emergency shortly before noon Wednesday. American... More »

Man's Gag Gift to Wife Turns Him Into Underwear Model

Brendon Williams had no idea the private photos for his wife would make him famous

(Newser) - Fame isn't putting a dent in Brendon Williams' sense of humor. The boudoir poses that started off as a gag gift for his wife's birthday created such a response on social media that the British Columbia father with a lot of hair and a bit of a belly... More »

Pilot Fails Breathalyzer Just Before Takeoff

Police remove American Eagle pilot from passenger jet

(Newser) - Everything was going fine for an American Eagle pilot making his preflight checks—until police arrived in the cockpit with a Breathalyzer. After the 48-year-old blew a bad score, police arrested him on suspicion of being under the influence and escorted him from the plane at the Minneapolis airport, reports... More »

Irate Flight Attendant: Get Off If You Have 'the Balls'

American Eagle flight cancelled after nearly 7 hours

(Newser) - Another flight-staff meltdown for the file: New York-to-Raleigh passengers already reeling over a five-hour delay were berated over the intercom by a furious flight attendant who dared them to get off if they "had the balls," the New York Post reports. "I’ve been in five tours... More »

American Airlines Files for Bankruptcy

Parent firm says voluntary move best choice for firm

(Newser) - American Airlines and American Eagle's parent companies are filing for bankruptcy protection. AMR Corp. and AMR Eagle Holding Corp. said today that they filed voluntary petitions to reorganize, saying it's in the best interest of the companies and its shareholders. American says it sought protection to reduce its... More »

Airline Hit With $900K Fine for Tarmac Waits

American Eagle first to be fined under new policy

(Newser) - American Eagle Airlines has been hit with the first fine issued under new rules prohibiting airlines from keeping passengers stuck in planes on the tarmac for more than three hours. The regional carrier was fined $900,000 for keeping a total 608 passengers on board 15 different flights on the... More »

Transgender People Are Like Ewoks: O'Reilly

Fox News host also implies they're scary

(Newser) - From the unfortunate comparisons department: Bill O’Reilly has likened transgender people to Ewoks. Yes, you read that right. The Fox News host was discussing a lawsuit against American Eagle, which allegedly discriminated against transgender employees by not allowing them to dress like the opposite sex, Gawker reports. He asked... More »

For Teens Hip to the Recession, Cheap Is In

Abercrombie takes a back seat to discounts, value brands

(Newser) - For the oft-studied, rarely understood teen demographic, cheap is the new black. Teen spending is off 14% this spring, the New York Times reports, reflecting the larger economic crisis. But the recession has also caused a realignment among the stores teens find hip, as discounters and heavy promoters become popular... More »

Wal-Mart Leads Feb. Retail Rally

Overall sales jump doubles expectations, calms consumer spending fears

(Newser) - Big retailers showed unexpected signs of life in February, beating weak sales predictions to inject some hope into the market. Wal-Mart led the way, posting a 2.6% same-store increase, beating its own predictions of flat-to-2% growth. Overall, same-store sales climbed 1.9%, with more than half of retailers beating... More »

CEO Reveals Victoria's Secret: It's 'Too Sexy'

Brand hopes to regain its stylish, sophisticated image

(Newser) - Victoria’s Secret has become “too sexy,” the chain’s CEO said today, explaining that she wants to bring higher-quality and sophisticated products back to the stores, the Wall Street Journal reports. "We use the word 'sexy' a lot and have gotten off 'ultra-feminine,'" she said.... More »

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