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Leatherheads Fumbles

Film about early football never quite scores

(Newser) - Critics seem to want to like Leatherheads, a screwball comedy about pro football's early days, directed by and starring George Clooney. The Roaring '20s costumes, sets and music are terrific, notes Kirk Honeycutt of the Hollywood Reporter. Clooney, as an aging player/team owner, and his leading lady, Renée Zellweger,... More »

Semi-Pro Not Even Semi-Funny

Ferrell's basketball comedy has critics crying foul

(Newser) - Semi-Pro, a comedy set in 1976 that stars Will Ferrell as the owner/coach of and player for a losing professional basketball team, is the cinematic equivalent of an air ball, say critics, who call the film erratic, repetitive, and dull. "If you're on the prowl for a Ferrell yuk-fest,... More »

2 Stories