Nahr al Bared

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Top Terror Leader Killed

Led militant fighters in refugee camp

(Newser) - Islamic militant leader Shaker al-Abssi, wanted for the murder of a US diplomat in Jordan, was killed by Lebanese troops in the bloody climax of the battle for the Nahr el-Bared refugee camp near Tripoli. Al-Abssi was one of 39 militants killed by Lebanese special forces Sunday after a three-month... More »

Lebanese Rout Militants in Camp

Months of fighting leaves refugee camp in ruins

(Newser) - Jubilant Lebanese celebrated with soldiers yesterday after they finally wrested control of a besieged Palestinian refugee camp from an al-Qaeda ally, Fatah al-Islam. Lebanese special forces attacked strongholds that remained inside the ruins of the Nahr al-Bared camp near Tripoli after nearly three months of fighting, reports the London Times. More »

Lebanon Bomb Kills Six UN Soldiers

Suicide attack piques terrorism worries; Fatah al-Islam suspected

(Newser) - A car bomb killed six members of a Spanish UN peacekeeping force in southern Lebanon  yesterday, in the first attack in a year on peacekeepers there. No one claimed responsibility for the bombing near Khiyam, but observers suspect Fatah al-Islam, the same al-Qaeda-spawned Sunni group that battled Lebanon at the... More »

Lebanese Claim Victory in Camp

Palestinians holding out in rubble

(Newser) - The Lebanese government has declared "mission accomplished" in its month-long battle against al-Qaeda-spawned militants in a Palestinian refugee camp. The siege left 166 dead and destroyed much of the Nahr al-Bared camp in northern Lebanon, in some of the worst fighting the country has seen since its 15-year-long civil... More »

Army Battles Militants Near Lebanese Refugee Camp

Bombardment escalates as death toll tops 80

(Newser) - Lebanese troops continued to try to dislodge militants from a Palestinian refugee camp outside Tripoli today, extending a two-week siege that has led to the worst violence in the country since the civil war that ended in 1990. At least 84 people have died in the fighting, and more than... More »

More Violence Looms in Lebanon

Palestinians enraged at Lebanese troops threaten uprising

(Newser) - Clashes between the Lebanese Army and a Palestinian militant group could spread throughout Lebanon, politicians, diplomats and refugees tell the Guardian. Anger is building among Palestinians  over civilian casualties from shelling of the Nahr el-Bared refugee camp during clashes with Fatah al-Islam militants last week. More »

Thousands Flee Lebanon Camp

Lull in fighting allows Palestinians to escape violence, horrid conditions

(Newser) - Thousands of Palestinians escaped heavy fighting inside a Lebanon refugee camp yesterday. The BBC reports vehicles flying white flags and crammed with people fled the Nahr al-Bared camp during a lull in the battle between Lebanese army units and the militant group Fatah al-Islam. Refugees are heading for another camp... More »

7 Stories