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Obama Can Lead a Peaceful World: Kissinger

Former secretary of state admires president's early moves

(Newser) - Former secretary of state Henry Kissinger has warm words for President Obama, whom he describes as "like a chess player who has opened his game with an unusual opening" in an interview with Der Spiegel. "I have no quarrel with the opening move," he adds. "I... More »

'Realist' Has Obama's Ear on Foreign Policy

Scowcroft, adviser to Bush I, will likely see protégés in key posts

(Newser) - Brent Scowcroft, national security adviser to the first President Bush and shunned by the second over Iraq, is likely to exercise serious foreign-policy influence in Barack Obama’s administration, the Wall Street Journal reports. Scowcroft, known for a non-ideological foreign-policy philosophy, counts among his protégés a number of... More »

Scandal-Master Courbet Dazzles

Major retrospective sheds light on realist painter

(Newser) - Parlaying scandal into success may seem a terribly modern ploy, but Gustave Courbet, the subject of a new retrospective at New York's Metropolitan Museum, mastered the art 150 years ago. Courbet, the realist painter and father of modern art, painted both gorgeous, subtle scenes and uglier, intentionally awkward tableaux. They... More »

3 Stories