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What's Really in Budweiser? Company Spills the Beans

Anheuser-Busch, MillerCoors post ingredients in response to blogger

(Newser) - Anheuser-Busch and MillerCoors have both posted ingredients to some of their beers online, in a lightning-fast response to a petition from blogger Vani "Food Babe" Hari. In a post Wednesday, Hari noted that brewers aren't required to list their ingredients, and that the government has approved everything from... More »

Cheap American Beers, From 'Worst' to 'Least Worst'

Deadspin ranks 36 inexpensive US brews

(Newser) - Sometimes there's nothing better than a cold beer—and a cheap one at that. But according to Will Gordon at Deadspin —who ranked 36 cheap American beers "from worst to least-worst"—plenty of US brews are better poured down the drain than your actual throat. Where... More »

Buzz-Killing Bud Waters Down Its Beer: Lawsuits

'Cheated' drinkers sue over lowered alcohol content

(Newser) - Anheuser-Busch is ripping off beer drinkers by watering down Budweiser, Michelob, and other brands, according to class-action lawsuits from drinkers across America. Lawyers say the company uses technology designed to accurately measure alcohol content to dilute its beers just before bottling, making the beer 3% to 8% weaker than what... More »

Thank Women for Popularizing Beer

Females were our first brewers, before Christ

(Newser) - Though both the brewing and consumption of beer might seem to have “manly” stamped all over them, it’s in fact women who drove suds’ popularity. Since thousands of years before Christ, a British historian tells the Daily Mail , brewing was done in the home, and females were in... More »

Beer Prices Going Up

(Newser) - The nation’s largest brewers plan to raise beer prices in the fall, the Wall Street Journal reports. Anheuser-Busch InBev—maker of Budweiser—and MillerCoors will further test the notion that beer is generally recession-proof. “The environment is very favorable, we think,” says an Anheuser exec. Both companies... More »

Here Comes Kid Rock Beer

(Newser) - The auto industry may be tanking, but Michigan has a new small-scale savior: Kid Rock Beer. A Michigan brewery has landed a tax credit to produce a line of beer with the rocker's name and image, the Detroit Free Press reports. It's expected to create about 400 new jobs in... More »

Ethanol on Tap From Beer Dregs

Brewer Sierra Nevada gets in on plan to produce alternative fuel

(Newser) - Brewer Sierra Nevada is part of an effort to turn byproducts of the beer-making process into usable, alternative fuel, CNET reports. E-Fuel sells a $10,000 portable ethanol refinery that the brewer will feed with its yearly output of 1.6 million gallons of “bottom of the barrel” waste.... More »

Guinness Sales Flat in ... Ireland?

As international sales flourish, production will be cut back at home

(Newser) - Ireland still drinks a lot of beer—only the Czechs down more—and continues to chug a lot of Guinness. But in a cultural shift in the newly vibrant nation, sales of the national drink have steadily declined in recent years, as harried white-collar workers skip the pub on the... More »

Cheers: Feds OK Miller, Coors Merger

Feds approve plan; new company would control 30% of market

(Newser) - The US Justice Department today approved a merger between Miller and Coors, opening the door to a union that will command almost 30% of US beer sales, the Wall Street Journal reports. Anheuser-Busch, the country’s largest brewer, controls about 50%. Regulators said the merger—expected to be wrapped up... More »

Making Mead Creates a Buzz Among Foodies

Ancient brew kinda cool, but not likely to replace Bud

(Newser) - Mead, that honey-based alcoholic drink last popular around King Arthur’s Round Table, is making a comeback—well, sort of, Nicholas Day reports in Slate. Meaderies are springing up around the US, publishers have printed a spate of how-to books, and the Internet is rife with mead-making sites that include... More »

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