Anne Boleyn

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Rare Anne Boleyn Portrait May Just Have Emerged

Henry VIII tried to wipe her from history

(Newser) - There's only one existing portrait of Anne Boleyn whose authenticity experts don't dispute—but a facial recognition program may have changed that. The software, developed at UC Riverside, suggests that a painting known as the Nidd Hall portrait may also show Henry VIII's beheaded second wife. Experts... More »

Henry VIII Hooked on Women: Historian

Reared in feminine household, Henry king became 'emotionally dependent' on women

(Newser) - Henry VIII may have been cruel to some of the women in his life, but he was "emotionally dependent" on them, according to a top expert on the oft-married king. Being raised in a feminine household after the death of his dad led Henry to fall in love and... More »

'Tudors': Flashy Fiction Is Far From Fact

Historians balk at steamy soap, but fans aren't deterred

(Newser) - In the battle of fact versus flair, it’s pretty obvious which side “The Tudors” comes down on. Showtime’s steamy period soap opera, which premiers its second season tonight, trades a chubby, tight-wearing Henry VIII for slim, sexy Jonathan Rhys Meyers. “It’s sloppy filmmaking,” one... More »

Boleyn No History Lesson

Historical soap opera adds spice to the Tudor court

(Newser) - The Other Boleyn Girl is anything but a dry history lesson about the 16th century, critics say—don't take it too seriously, and you'll be all right. It "probably shouldn't be the way in which high-school kids learn about Henry VIII and his court, but it's a fun movie,... More »

4 Stories