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Senate Dems: We Need an Amendment on Campaign Cash

Schumer says Supreme Court rulings have gone too far

(Newser) - Senate Democrats think the Supreme Court has made a mess of campaign finance rules, and they plan to vote on a proposed constitutional amendment this year to remedy the problem, reports Roll Call . Chuck Schumer announced the future vote today, arguing that decisions such as Citizens United , which unleashed huge... More »

Brawl Over Syria an 'Uphill Slog,' 'Amateur Hour'

White House tries to make its case as GOP roars

(Newser) - It was all Syria, all the time on the Sunday talk circuit today, with White House chief of staff Denis McDonough hitting all five networks in making the administration's case for action. "The question is very simple for Congress this week... Not a single (member of Congress) rebuts... More »

Harry Reid & Co. Want to Kill Checkpoint-Dodging Apps

Apple, Google urged to stop selling apps that help drivers dodge police

(Newser) - Want to know if there's a checkpoint ahead targeting speeders or drunk drivers? There's an app for that—many, in fact—but Harry Reid, Chuck Schumer, Frank Lautenberg, and Tom Udall say there shouldn't be. The four senators have written to Apple, Google, and BlackBerry, urging the companies to stop... More »

Ex-Secretary of Interior Stewart Udall Dies at 90

Spearheaded '60s conservation movement, Wilderness Act

(Newser) - Stewart Udall, an elder in a famed political family who led the Interior Department as it vastly expanded public lands and helped win passage of major environmental laws, has died at the age of 90. During his 1961-1968 tenure as Interior secretary, Udall sowed the seeds of the modern environmental... More »

Schumer May Try to Rewrite Filibuster Rules

Hearings could be a sign he wants Harry Reid's job

(Newser) - Chuck Schumer plans to hold a series of Senate Rules Committee hearings to examine possible reforms to the filibuster rules so frustrating Democrats. Schumer, the committee’s chair, hatched the plan with senators Tom Udall and Carl Levin. In the first hearing, Senate historians will testify as to how the... More »

Udall Launches New Assault on Filibuster

Proposes law allowing Senate to regularly change rules

(Newser) - New Mexico Democrat Tom Udall has introduced a resolution that could, in the unlikely event that it passes, eliminate the Senate’s dreaded filibuster. Udall’s law doesn’t specifically end the filibuster; rather, it calls for the Senate to change its rules every two years based on a simple... More »

Have You Seen Senator Udall's Stapler?

Freshman lawmakers get stuck in shabby basement office space

(Newser) - The Senate is one of the most august bodies in the world, and it has the facilities to match. But its mahogany desks aren’t too familiar to 13 new senators, whose offices are temporarily in the basement—with the cockroaches. NPR follows freshman Sen. Tom Udall to his office—... More »

Dynasty Politics Turning Senate Into House of Lords

The Senate is America's House of Lords Dynasties continue to dominate supposedly democratic politics, especially the Senate

(Newser) - The winning presidential ticket this year was the first since 1976 without a son or grandson of a senator on it. But don’t let that fool you: Royalism is on the rise in American politics, writes Charles Mahtesian for Politico. In the Senate, there are two new Udalls, a... More »

10 Senate Races to Watch

Dems could pick up 8 seats; GOP could oust Landrieu in La.

(Newser) - With 35 Senate seats up for grabs Tuesday, Chris Cillizza, in the Washington Post, predicts Democrats will flip eight. Two more are close calls for the Dems, while the GOP has one hope for a pickup. Starting with the most likely:
  1. Virginia is in the bag for Mark Warner; he
... More »

Hollywood Women Work on Senate Majority

Deep-pocketed stars are raising money for Dem candidates

(Newser) - Powerful Hollywood women are reorganizing after Hillary Clinton's failed presidential bid, turning their attention toward increasing the Democratic majority in the Senate. A fundraiser Sept. 27 could raise more than $1 million for candidates, and is being put together by the likes of Jane Fonda, Kate Capshaw, Penny Marshall, Daryl... More »

Senate Seats Most Likely to Flip (Only 1 to GOP)

New Dems from VA, NM, CO likely

(Newser) - The GOP's best case-scenario sees the party losing only three Senate seats this fall. Washington Post blogger Chris Cillizza runs down the races most likely to flip a vote:
  1. Mississippi: Trent Lott replacement Roger Wicker has never been elected statewide, and Barack Obama's coattails should draw in the large black
... More »

Conservative Pearce Wins GOP Primary for Domenici Seat

Dems predict an easier win for Tom Udall

(Newser) - New Mexico Rep. Steve Pearce edged out Rep. Heather Wilson in the GOP primary for retiring Sen. Pete Domenici's seat yesterday, Politico reports. The results pleased Democrats, who predict that Pearce, who ran as an unapologetic conservative, will be a weaker opponent to Democratic Rep. Tom Udall in November than... More »

10 Senate Seats Likely to Flip

Blogger runs down races to watch

(Newser) - The presidency isn’t the only job up for grabs this November. The Washington Post’s Chris Cillizza runs down (in order) the Senate seats most likely to flip parties:
  1. Ex-Virginia governor Mark Warner (D) is mounting a “sure-thing bid.”
  2. The survivor of the New Mexico GOP primary
... More »

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