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JK Rowling Pens Potter Prequel

800-word manuscript to be auctioned for charity

(Newser) - Harry Potter fans mourned when JK Rowling ended the enormously popular schoolboy wizard saga with the seventh and final book last year. But now she has written a surprise short prequel likely to trigger a bidding frenzy. Rowling has donated an 800-word handwritten manuscript to the British bookseller Waterstone's to... More »

Harry Potter Full of Gibberish, Judge Says

He admits he got confused reading it to his grandkids

(Newser) - The judge in the Harry Potter copyright case gave the man who compiled The Harry Potter Lexicon a one-up against JK Rowling today when he announced that her books were full of gibberish, the Telegraph reports. He said he tried reading one to his grandkids and found it "extremely... More »

Embattled Potter Fan Moved to Tears in Court

'It's been difficult' being sued by Rowling, encyclopedist says

(Newser) - The Harry Potter fan whose attempt to put into print his encyclopedic companion brought a lawsuit from author JK Rowling, broke down in tears in a Manhattan court today discussing how much the books mean to him, the AP reports. Steven Vander Ark became distraught when asked how the lawsuit... More »

Rowling Slams Potter Reference Project in Court

Author says print version of fan's Lexicon infringes on her plans

(Newser) - Author JK Rowling today slammed a planned print version of a fan's Harry Potter Lexicon as exploiting her ideas, the New York Times reports. “My readership parting with their or their parents’ hard earned cash for this—I think it’s a travesty," Potter's creator complained in court.... More »

JK Rowling Considered Suicide

Harry Potter author discusses depression during mid-20s

(Newser) - Before Harry Potter came along, his creator was broke, recently divorced, depressed, and near suicide, reports the Times of London. JK Rowling was a mom in her mid-20s, living in a cramped apartment paid for by a friend when she sought professional help. “We’re talking suicidal thoughts here,... More »

Rowling Blasts Unauthorized Spinoff

Fan's encyclopedia violates copyright, Hogwarts spirit: author

(Newser) - As part of her ongoing effort to keep a fan from publishing a Harry Potter encyclopedia, J.K. Rowling is suggesting that the book would violate the wizarding world's moral and ethical standards, reports the New York Daily News. “I am very frustrated that a former fan has tried... More »

6 Stories