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10 Most, Least Popular Star Wars Characters

Darth Vader is No. 1; only the biggest fans will know any of the least favorites

(Newser) - Star Wars: The Last Jedi opens in wide release on Friday, meaning social media feeds are already jammed with movie reviews, theories, and reminiscences about previous films in the franchise. What is bound to pop up: heated arguments about who's the most beloved (or hated) Star Wars character ever,... More »

Luke, FDA Has OKed Your 'Skywalker' Arm

Deka Research prosthetic appears pretty promising

(Newser) - Good news for the next time you end up minus a limb while fighting your long-lost father who abandoned you for the dark side: A new prosthetic arm nicknamed the "Luke arm" is about to hit the market that will give recipients enough dexterity to handle eggs, nevermind lightsabers,... More »

Tiny Island to Mint Star Wars Currency

Luke, Yoda will be on legal tender for first time

(Newser) - Move over, Queen Elizabeth: Luke Skywalker and friends will soon be sharing a spot on the currency of a tiny Pacific island. Yoda, Leia, and Darth Vader also will appear on the flip side of the soon-to-be-minted coins for the island of Niue. It’s the first time Star Wars... More »

Stewart: Obama Is Luke Skywalker

And he's fighting the Empire

(Newser) - Before its hiatus, the Daily Show was mocking Obama and the Democrats—but a lot has changed in two weeks. Jobless benefits, the 9/11 first responders bill, and the DADT repeal, to name a few. Does this make the president, as all the media insist on calling him, “the... More »

Greatest White Trash Movie Heroes

(Newser) - Hicks and hillbillies can be heroes, too, SpikeTV points out in a look at the greatest characters to go from the trailer park to the big screen.
  • HI McDunnough, Raising Arizona: Nicolas Cage's performance remains his finest to this day. His likable baby-snatcher makes some lousy decisions, but "he’
... More »

Spoiled Harry a Hero for 'Entitled Generation'

Books lack moral weight as Potter gets off easy

(Newser) - Harry Potter is a fitting hero for a generation of readers: his powers arrive on a silver platter, and from there it’s “all zapping bad guys, no taking out the trash,” writes Kyle Smith in the New York Post. While heroes like Luke Skywalker face obstacles to... More »

April Fools Prank May Pay Off for Star Wars Fans

Tens of thousands try to order a 'Tauntaun sleeping bag'

(Newser) - What started as an April Fools joke may turn into a dream come true—almost literally—for Star Wars fans, LA Weekly reports. The Tauntaun sleeping bag seemed just plausible enough that retailer ThinkGeek was bombarded with orders—and raked over the coals when the truth came out. Now Lucasfilm,... More »

What Obama Promises, McCain Delivers

Voters must guard against letting stars in their eyes blind them

(Newser) - The international press corps is so seduced by Barack Obama and so disgusted by John McCain that neither man can live up to his reputation, London Times US editor Gerard Baker writes. The “grown men wandering the corridors of London, Brussels and Berlin, crooning” about Obama are the same... More »

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