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Science Says You're Unlikely to Enjoy New Year's Eve

'High expectation can lead to disappointment'

(Newser) - New York Magazine humbly submits that you cancel any and all New Year's Eve plans and instead stay home, watch some Property Brothers, and conk out early. That's because studies have shown it's nearly statistically impossible to not be disappointed by big New Year's Eve... More »

Even When He Wins, Tiger Can't Win

(Newser) - Our outsized expectations for the “best player in his sport” mean Tiger Woods can’t get any “slack,” Michael Rosenberg writes for Fox Sports. “He missed the cut at the British Open last month and it was like he showed up drunk and club-less.” And... More »

Noonan: Now the Fun Really Starts

Can Obama live up to high expectations?

(Newser) - No one can dispute that Tuesday night was a great one for America. But now it’s time to look and learn: Will Barack Obama fulfill the fears of some that he’s a "hard leftist"? Or is he really a “pragmatic politician”? asks Peggy Noonan... More »

What Obama Promises, McCain Delivers

Voters must guard against letting stars in their eyes blind them

(Newser) - The international press corps is so seduced by Barack Obama and so disgusted by John McCain that neither man can live up to his reputation, London Times US editor Gerard Baker writes. The “grown men wandering the corridors of London, Brussels and Berlin, crooning” about Obama are the same... More »

4 Stories