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Confusion Surrounds New Jersey's Email Vote

New Yorkers allowed to vote anywhere

(Newser) - The storm-battered people of New Jersey are the first large group of domestic voters to be allowed to vote by email , but the move is causing plenty of confusion, Politico finds. The state's top election official now says people who vote by email or fax will also need to... More »

Few Voting Problems in Key States

Most problems reported in Michigan

(Newser) - The 2008 election is proceeding well in most states. Cleveland polling places were hit with high turnout at the 6:30am open, but voting tapered off as the morning continued, in part thanks to the 250,000 who voted early, the Cleveland Plain Dealer reports. In South Florida, voters faced... More »

Voting Could Get Ugly, Warn Watchdogs

Ballot denial, long lines likely in battleground states

(Newser) - With record-shattering turnout anticipated, voter-rights groups predict contentious voting in battleground states, where Republicans are accused of disenfranchising new voters—who are overwhelmingly Democrat. In Florida, a “no match, no vote” standard denies ballots to people whose registration info clashes with government records, an obstacle not unique to that... More »

Swing States Are Illegally Blocking Voters

NYT finds thousands wrongly removed from rolls, mostly Dems

(Newser) - Tens of thousands of voters in at least six battleground states have been illegally removed from the rolls or blocked from voting, a New York Times investigation has discovered. The actions appear to stem from errors in complying with a 2002 federal law rather than from partisan bias, but it... More »

Early Voting Law May Help Obama in Ohio

One-step voting window could boost youth turnout

(Newser) - An Ohio voting law that allows residents to register and vote simultaneously one month before the election may benefit Barack Obama, the AP reports. With one-stop voting available on college campuses Sept. 30 to Oct. 6, thousands could be added to the voter rolls—and Obama leads McCain 2-to-1 among... More »

Clinton Trying to Undercut Texas Vote: Obama

Clinton camp denies report that it will sue over caucus system

(Newser) - Barack Obama’s camp yesterday accused Hillary Clinton of unfairly slamming the upcoming Texas primary-caucus vote, McClatchy Newspapers reports. The issue arose over a report that Clinton may sue over caucus voting numbers being reported early. “I think they’re afraid of what the caucus results might be,”... More »

6 Stories