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'Drunkorexia' Walloping College Kids

Skipping eating for booze threatening health

(Newser) - College kids suffering from eating disorders are increasingly grappling with the added complication of "drunkorexia." Drunkorexics, most of them women, skip eating to reserve calories for binge drinking. While many students are proud of their ability to down copious amounts of booze without gaining weight by relying on... More »

Ravaged Jackson Weighed Just 112 Lbs.

(Newser) - Michael Jackson was so emaciated that he weighed just 112 pounds when he died, reports the Sun. The coroner found nothing in the singer's stomach but pills, and his body was riddled with needle marks, presumably from narcotics injections. The battered star also bared the scars of endless plastic surgeries... More »

Drunkorexia On Rise in Women

Eating disorders increasingly blending with substance abuse, experts say

(Newser) - Drunkorexia isn't an official medical term, reports the New York Times, but the disorder is on a growing list of afflictions that combine societal acceptance of substance abuse and pressure to be thin. Drunkorexics, who are typically college-age women, shun food to prevent weight gain and to offset the calories... More »

3 Stories