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A Growing Food Concern: Obsession With 'Clean Eating'

Some want 'orthorexia' recognized as an eating disorder

(Newser) - It's called "orthorexia"—an obsession with healthy, "clean eating"—and as it gains traction in this age of Instagrammed food photos, some think it should be recognized as its own eating disorder. "It's really a real fixation," one nutritionist tells NBC News... More »

Healthy Food Obsession Is Latest Eating Disorder Trend

(Newser) - A neurotic fixation on eating only healthy food is the latest eating disorder trend, reports the Guardian. Orthorexia nervosa affects both men and women. Othorexics are so obsessed with "pure" foods that they can become malnourished, say experts. They tend to be extremely proud of their "virtuous" behavior,... More »

Drunkorexia On Rise in Women

Eating disorders increasingly blending with substance abuse, experts say

(Newser) - Drunkorexia isn't an official medical term, reports the New York Times, but the disorder is on a growing list of afflictions that combine societal acceptance of substance abuse and pressure to be thin. Drunkorexics, who are typically college-age women, shun food to prevent weight gain and to offset the calories... More »

3 Stories