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Drug Maker Fights for Awareness of Disorder It Can Cash In On

Shire just got FDA approval for binge eating disorder drug

(Newser) - Binge eating disorder, which gained American Psychiatric Association recognition in 2013, isn't particularly well-known. That's not good for a pharmaceutical company like Shire, maker of an ADHD drug called Vyvanse, which was recently approved by the FDA for marketing in the treatment of binge eating. Lately, Shire has... More »

Book: Dieting Landed Gaga in Hospital 6 Times

'She refused to eat for weeks'

(Newser) - Lady Gaga's drive to be über thin and her bizarre, extreme diets have landed her in the hospital six times, according to a new biography of the singer. Gaga wolfed down masses of unhealthy foods then would go for weeks without eating, according to former tour manager David Clemmy,... More »

Di Comparisons Triggered Sad Fergie's Binges

Duchess of York bares dismal years in royal limelight

(Newser) - Comparisons to Princess Diana sent Duchess of York Sarah Ferguson into a vicious cycle of binge eating and despair, Fergie has revealed in a painful interview in the Telegraph. The duchess, pegged as the zaftig "naughty" princess, struggled with her public image. A newspaper once labeled her "Princess... More »

Drunkorexia On Rise in Women

Eating disorders increasingly blending with substance abuse, experts say

(Newser) - Drunkorexia isn't an official medical term, reports the New York Times, but the disorder is on a growing list of afflictions that combine societal acceptance of substance abuse and pressure to be thin. Drunkorexics, who are typically college-age women, shun food to prevent weight gain and to offset the calories... More »

4 Stories