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Long-Lost Diary of Secret Jew in 16th-Century Mexico Found

Private collector spotted the manuscript, is paying to return it to National Archives

(Newser) - On Dec. 8, 1596, 48 people were burned at the stake in what Haaretz calls one of the "most dramatic" autos-da-fe the New World had seen. Among those to die was 30-year-old Luis de Carvajal the Younger, born in Spain to a family of Jewish "conversos"—forced... More »

After 500 Years, Portugal Says Jews Can Return

Descendents to be offered citizenship

(Newser) - Portugal is trying to make amends with the descendants of the Jews who were ordered to convert to Christianity or get out of the country more than 500 years ago. The country's lawmakers have approved a plan to grant citizenship to Sephardic Jews who can prove a strong connection... More »

500 Years Later, Spain Invites Jews Back

Spain looking to 'rediscover itself,' says justice minister

(Newser) - More than 500 years after Spain expelled or forcibly converted its once thriving Jewish population, the country has announced plans to allow descendents of those Sephardic Jews a fast-track to Spanish passports and citizenship, reports the BBC . In the 15th century, there were around 300,000 Jews in Spain, but... More »

Jamaica Bets 'Jewmaican' Past Will Draw Tourists

Today's population is small, but remnants abound; plus, Jewish pirates!

(Newser) - When the uninitiated look at Jamaica’s Jews, they might see a small but resilient community: around 200 faithful, an historic synagogue but no rabbi, few choices for kosher food. But if you’re the nation’s tourism director, you see a goldmine. Plans are afoot to launch a Jewish... More »

Vatican Goes to Confessional in an Art Museum

Church reveals Inquisition artifacts

(Newser) - Sure, thousands of accused witches and blasphemers were burned and tortured during the Roman Catholic Church’s centuries-long Inquisition in the Middle Ages—but, with the help of a new art exhibition, the Vatican hopes to show that it wasn't so bad after all, Newsweek reports. The “Rare and... More »

5 Stories