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Reporter: I Approached FCC Official, Was Pinned to Wall

FCC issues apology to John Donnelly of CQ Roll Call

(Newser) - A veteran reporter says he was "manhandled" by two security guards at an FCC public hearing Thursday in DC after he attempted to ask a follow-up question. CQ Roll Call senior writer John Donnelly says that plainclothes security detail pinned him against the wall with their backs after he... More »

White House Lists 78 'Underreported' Terror Attacks

It includes San Bernardino, Paris

(Newser) - President Trump accused the "very, very dishonest press" Monday of not wanting to report ISIS attacks in Europe. "They have their reasons, you understand that," he said, speaking to troops at MacDill Air Force Base in Florida, the headquarters of US Central Command. The White House later... More »

Is the Press Getting Kicked Out of the White House?

Trump rep calls press 'opposition party,' Priebus says it's about space, but no decision

(Newser) - Could reporters covering White House goings-on soon be relegated to standing in front of the fence, much like the New York Times describes reporters in the 1890s? A report published Saturday night by Esquire suggested a move of some sort, with three senior transition team officials telling the magazine discussions... More »

Trump Breaks Protocol, Ditches Press for Dinner

He finally emerged from Trump Tower Tuesday night

(Newser) - President-elect Donald Trump emerged from his New York skyscraper Tuesday night for the first time in days, moving about the nation's largest city without a pool of journalists on hand. The president-elect spent about two hours dining with family at the 21 Club, a restaurant a few blocks from... More »

Trump Bans 'Dishonest' Washington Post

'Phony' paper has press credentials revoked

(Newser) - Donald Trump has decided that the Washington Post—winner of 47 Pulitzer prizes, including one for its role in exposing the Watergate scandal—isn't the kind of newspaper he wants covering his campaign. He announced on Facebook Monday that he's revoking the "phony and dishonest" paper's... More »

UK Report Blasts Murdoch, Press for Wreaking 'Havoc'

Leveson report being watched with keen interest domestically

(Newser) - Lord Justice Brian Leveson's long-awaited report on the various scandals surrounding News of the World and other British tabloids finally hit today, and it absolutely savages Rupert Murdoch's newspapers and the British press in general. The press, Leveson writes, has "wreaked havoc in the lives of innocent... More »

Hillary Aide to Reporter: Eff Off

Philippe Reines unloads on Michael Hastings

(Newser) - When you're a top State Department aide and you dump on a Buzzfeed reporter, it might be a good idea not to put it in an email. Philippe Reines, Hillary Clinton's long-time aide and personal spokesman, called reporter Michael Hastings—the writer who got Gen. Stanley McChrystal to... More »

Burma: We're Done Censoring the Press

Regulators will no longer see articles before they're published

(Newser) - Another move toward openness in Burma: The country's ostensibly civilian government is today halting Burma's decades-long censorship of local press, it says. Until now, publications had been required to send articles to censors before they could be published; this sometimes resulted in full pages being blacked out. The... More »

Media Mobs Tebow in Jets' Locker Room

Fellow players witness media circus

(Newser) - Newly-minted New York Jet Tim Tebow's locker room was open to reporters for the first time yesterday, and they pounced. "It’s like shark feeding, man," said Josh Baker, a reserve tight end who, possibly unfortunately, occupies the locker next to Tebow's. Surrounded by dozens of... More »

Santorum: New York Press Out to Get Me

They 'recoil' at talk of 'values issues': GOP hopeful

(Newser) - Any flak Rick Santorum is getting for his stance on social issues can be traced back to New York City, the presidential hopeful says. "The idea that values issues are losers is held by a group of people in the media who live in the New York area,"... More »

Obama: Aloof Image Is Media Creation

Press corps miffed by quiet social life, he suggests

(Newser) - President Obama isn't aloof, he says—it's just that he and Michelle don't tend to paint the town red. "My suspicion is that this whole critique has to do with the fact that I don’t go to a lot of Washington parties and, as a... More »

Press No Longer Free in Mexico, Egypt: Report

But years-long global decline in press freedom seems to be leveling off

(Newser) - The bad news: In 2010, a free press became a thing of the past in Mexico and Egypt. The good news is that an eight-year decline in press freedom around the globe apparently started leveling off last year, according to an annual report by advocacy group Freedom House. Mexico and... More »

Note to Presidents: Words Matter

Obama, Bush must recognize that demeanor isn't trivial

(Newser) - In office, George W. Bush seemed laid back no matter what, while Barack Obama “has not been a happy warrior.” Both men have been true to form in major interviews over the past week, writes Howard Kurtz in the Daily Beast . Obama acknowledged discouragement—a fair point, but... More »

Whitman Gouging Press for Travel

Calif. candidate charging journos $2K for day—sans hotel

(Newser) - Meg Whitman is charging reporters huge sums to travel with the candidate during her campaign's final days, notes Carla Marinucci in the San Francisco Chronicle : One day will cost members of the press “a whopping $1,350,” but that’s small change compared to another day’s “... More »

Why the White House Struggles to Be Heard

Administration bemoans death of bully pulpit

(Newser) - Even if it seems like the president is constantly on TV and in the press, the White House says it’s struggling to get its message out: the “bully pulpit” is no more, writes Howard Kurtz for the Daily Beast . “There’s an alternative story here that we’... More »

Miners Already Breaking 'Blood Pact'

Many willing to talk to media—for a price

(Newser) - While they were trapped, the Chilean miners signed a "blood pact" stating that they’d keep the details of their experience to themselves. But information has spilled as many consent to interviews—though rarely for free, the New York Times reports. “We’re poor—look at the place... More »

'Sick Puppies' in Media Made Me Quit Job: Palin

Press drove me out of office, Sarah charges

(Newser) - John McCain hung Sarah Palin and her family out to dry for all the "sick puppies" in the media to savage, a still-furious Palin has charged. The subsequent press feeding frenzy was so intense that it convinced her to abandon her job as governor of Alaska, she told the... More »

Reporter Heads Roll After Bruni Affair Stories

Sarkozy wants those who 'spread fear to feel fear'

(Newser) - Two reporters have been axed with more likely to follow amid French President Nicolas Sarkozy's fury at being called a cuckold in the press. Seems the French aren't so sanguine about marital infidelity after all. Wide-spread media reports of an affair by wife Carla Bruni, reportedly followed by a retaliatory... More »

Patrick Kennedy Loses It on House Floor

Rhode Island Congressman blasts media for Afghanistan Coverage

(Newser) - Patrick Kennedy blasted the media on the floor of the House this afternoon, calling the focus on the likes of Eric Massa rather than the war in Afghanistan "despicable." The lame-duck Rhode Island Democrat was speaking—and eventually shouting—in favor of a Dennis Kucinich-sponsored resolution requiring President... More »

Obama Says 'Wee-Weed'; Press Goes Nuts

Phrase now has own Web site, Twitter handle

(Newser) - Around this time every year, “everybody in Washington gets all wee-weed up,” President Obama said yesterday—and immediately, the media was aflutter, Politico reports. “WTF does wee-weed up mean and how do you spell it?” wondered a reporter for the Hill. Soon after, the jokes started rolling... More »

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