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What Makes This Death Penalty Case in Illinois Unusual

Yingying Zhang disappeared in June

(Newser) - University of Illinois graduate student Yingying Zhang disappeared in June. The Chinese woman's body has not been found, but federal prosecutors believe that Brendt Christensen is responsible for her murder—and they announced Friday that, with Attorney General Jeff Sessions' blessing, they will pursue the death penalty in their... More »

As Suspect Joined Vigil for Missing Student, FBI Listened

He described 'ideal victim,' made threats: prosecutors

(Newser) - When friends gathered last week at a vigil for missing University of Illinois scholar Yingying Zhang, they had no idea the man suspected of killing her was in their midst. But Brendt Christensen not only attended the June 29 event at the university's Urbana-Champaign campus while under FBI surveillance,... More »

FBI Believes Missing Illinois Student Was Kidnapped

$50K reward offered in search for visiting scholar

(Newser) - The Champaign County, Illinois, branch of Crime Stoppers is offering the biggest reward in its history in the search for a visiting student from China who disappeared more than a week ago. Yingying Zhang, a 26-year-old who was a month into a yearlong appointment at the University of Illinois, was... More »

There's a Way to Cut TSA Lines and TSA Costs

Waive the PreCheck fee, researchers say

(Newser) - Millions of people pay for the privilege of leaving their shoes and belts on and their laptops in their bags during airport security screenings. But a study out of the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign says by making the TSA's PreCheck program free—it's currently $85 for the... More »

These Are the Top 10 Party Schools in the Nation

No Faber College?

(Newser) - With summer pretty much over, it's time for the nation's college students to return to school and get back to the hard business of partying down. And according to the Princeton Review , the following schools are where most of that partying will be getting done. For its annual... More »

To Help Seniors Stop Falling, Scientists Trip Them

Researchers say people can learn how to react better

(Newser) - When 81-year-old Mary Kaye trips and falls—usually on Chicago's sidewalks—she lands on her face. "It's usually quite disastrous—for my face," she tells the AP . Falls are dangerous for seniors, so physical therapist Clive Pai is testing what sounds like a cruel way to... More »

How Bee Venom Might Fight Cancer

Researchers use synthetic form to safely attack tumors

(Newser) - Locked within the honeybee’s painful sting is a toxin that could fight cancer, CNN reports. Though in its early stages, research shows that venom from bees, snakes, and scorpions can stop the growth of cancer cells. University of Illinois scientist Dipanjan Pan has taken the research one step further... More »

Wait, Beer Boosts Your Brain?

Study shows it makes you better at bar games, anyway

(Newser) - You know how you get when you've got a couple pints in you: You stumble a bit, talk too loudly, and completely rock at brainteasers. A new study suggests that downing a little beer actually improves some cognitive functions. Researchers at the University of Illinois in Chicago got a... More »

Illinois Football Coach Doled Out 'Porridge Punishment'

Players who didn't follow rules missed out on steak and eggs

(Newser) - At one Illinois university, football players who didn't follow the rules faced an unconventional punishment: They were given porridge for breakfast at a recent banquet. New University of Illinois at Urbana–Champaign coach Tim Beckman instituted the policy during his first season with the team, and says it was... More »

Employers Like State School Grads, Not Ivy Leaguers

Survey says big companies prefer those from non-elite schools

(Newser) - Move over Harvard; when it comes to hiring entry-level employees, most businesses prefer to recruit from state schools, according to a new survey. The Wall Street Journal polled 479 of the country’s largest companies and asked where they did their recruiting. Of the top 25 schools they named, 19... More »

Dear Mr. Ebert, Sorry I Was Such a Tool

Longtime admirer Will Leitch comes clean about insulting his hero

(Newser) - As a University of Illinois undergrad, Will Leitch lived the dream: He befriended his hero, Roger Ebert. "I wanted to be him, desperately," Leitch writes. "He was the reason I did anything." They fell out of touch, and the protégé later found himself in New... More »

Jordan's Son Quits Illinois Hoops Squad

He wants to focus on academics

(Newser) - Michael Jordan’s elder son is abandoning the University of Illinois’ basketball team to focus on school and his “life after basketball.” Jeff Jordan, a rising junior, earned a scholarship last season after making the team as a walk-on, and has played in 59 games; the son of... More »

Pols Pushed U. of Illinois Into Taking Students

'Clout list' just amounts to 'blackmail:' critics

(Newser) - Prominent state lawmakers have been pressuring administrators at the University of Illinois to accept favored applicants or risk facing their wrath, the Chicago Tribune reports. Analyzing 1,800 documents, the paper found that subpar applicants on a “clout list” gained admission over the objections of admissions officers after school... More »

University of Illinois Nabs 21 Students in Drug Sting

(Newser) - University of Illinois police arrested 21 students on drug charges this week and are looking for more, the Chicago Tribune reports. In seizing 180 grams of marijuana, some cocaine, anti-anxiety medication, and $3,100 in cash, campus cops aimed primarily to cut down on pot distribution. "We decided to... More »

Campus Tries to Keep Booze Out of Class

St. Patty's crackdown turns profs into bouncers at Illinois

(Newser) - University of Illinois officials will search students’ backpacks and confiscate containers they suspect might contain alcohol during tomorrow’s “Unofficial St. Patrick’s Day,” the Chicago Tribune reports. Students typically pack campus bars for green beer as early as 8am, and some take drinks to class. “It... More »

10 Biggest College Libraries

Labyrinthine stacks good for more than reading

(Newser) - Whether your purpose is to study, flirt or nap, college libraries are "labyrinths" of opportunity. The editors of College on the Record list the biggest, and why they like them.
  1. Harvard (13,617,133 books): "Because size matters."
  2. Yale (9,932,080 books): "Because it’s
... More »

Scientists Grow Blood From Stem Cells

Major breakthrough in controversial field

(Newser) - Scientists have manufactured human blood in a laboratory using embryonic stem cells, reports the Los Angeles Times. The project represents a major technical breakthrough in the controversial area of stem cell research. Researchers made significant quantities of several blood types, but still have a number of hurdles ahead before producing... More »

New Electronics Can Stretch, Fold

Bendable circuits perform as well as rigid circuitry

(Newser) - New research showing that it’s possible to make stretchable, bendable complex electrical circuits could open the door to wearable computers and to health-monitoring systems that can be implanted, Technology Review reports. Previous bendable circuitry was too slow for complex computing, but the new circuits, of ultra-thin silicon on plastic... More »

Police Piece Together Shooter's Trail

Kazmierczak spent two days in motel room before shooting

(Newser) - Before his shooting rampage at NIU, Steven Kazmierczak spent two days in a motel, taking cold medicine and drinking Red Bull, the Chicago Tribune reports. He left behind no note, only a sealed duffel bag filled with gun ammo. Kazmierczak, who had stopped taking medication for anxiety, also sent his... More »

Illinois Stuns #1 Ohio State

Illini pull off shocking 28-21 win and throw BCS race into turmoil

(Newser) - Illinois went into Ohio Stadium today and stunned the #1 Ohio State Buckeyes 28-21, throwing yet another wrench into a national championship race that has featured one upset after another this season. The Illini rode the arm and legs of sophomore quarterback Juice Williams, as he threw 4 TD passes... More »

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