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Bush Pulled Rank on Military Over Surge

Joint Chiefs were pushed aside, new Woodward book says

(Newser) - In the months leading up to the Iraq surge, President Bush faced a revolt by frustrated Joint Chiefs of Staff, the Washington Post’s Bob Woodward writes in a new book, The War Within. Bush dumped the military leaders’ advice as Iraq spun out of control in fall of 2006,... More »

Six Years Later

Country, relatives mark anniversary of 9/11 attacks

(Newser) - Relatives gathered at a park near Ground Zero to remember the victims of the World Trade Center attacks today—the first anniversary without a clear blue sky, notes the New York Daily News. It was also the first time the memorial was moved away from the footprints of the towers.... More »

Petraeus Wary on Troop Cuts

Upcoming report to Congress will have details

(Newser) - Gen. David Petraeus will recommend holding troop levels in Iraq at the current level into  next year, but will offer to pull back one brigade, in a bow to congressional impatience, beginning in January, sources tell the New York Times. In his report to Congress next week, Petraeus will also... More »

Bush Visits Iraq, Says Some Troops Might Come Home

Surprise war council in Iraq points to improving security

(Newser) - Fewer US troops will be needed in Iraq if security conditions continue to improve, said President Bush today during a surprise visit to Iraq. The pronouncement came after meeting with Gen. David Petraeus, the US commander in Iraq, and US ambassador to Baghdad Ryan Crocker–both of whom will be... More »

Top General to Advise Iraq Troop Cut

Gen. Pace's position may clash with that of Gen. Petraeus

(Newser) - Gen. Peter Pace, chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, is expected to advise President Bush to cut the troop level in Iraq next year by nearly half, the Los Angeles Times reports.  He will be conveying the Joint Chiefs' concern that attempting to maintain elevated troop levels in... More »

Joint Chiefs Chairman Gets the Gate

Defense secretary cleans house, taps admiral for top job

(Newser) - In an effort to avoid confirmation hearings that would amount to a referendum on the war, the defense secretary will not recommend the Joint Chiefs chairman for a second 2-year term. Robert Gates said today he had conferred with senators from both parties and "concluded that the focus would... More »

Pace: Homosexuality Is "Immoral"

(Newser) - "Don't ask, don't tell" works fine for Gen. Peter Pace, Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, because "homosexual acts are immoral" and should not be condoned any more than adultery within the ranks. Pace defended the Pentagon's current policy on gays to the Chicago Tribune, opposing proposed... More »

7 Stories