Palestinian statehood

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Abbas: Not a Single Israeli in a Palestinian State

Palestinian leader stands firm as peace talks kick off

(Newser) - As his top aides and their Israeli counterparts sat down in Washington for the first direct peace talks in years , Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas made it clear that he had not softened his stance on the presence of Israeli settlers and border forces in a future Palestinian state. "In... More »

Obama to Israelis: Put Yourself in Palestine's Shoes

It's 'not fair' that their kids can't grow up in their own state, he says

(Newser) - President Obama gave a well-received speech to Israeli college students today in which he pressed them to challenge their political leaders to bring about peace, reports CNN . "You must create the change that you want to see," he said, adding that having a Palestinian state and an Israeli... More »

Abbas Returns, Hailed as Hero

Palestinians elated over UN's recognition; Israel seethes

(Newser) - Mahmoud Abbas returned home today to something of a rock star's welcome: Cheering crowds chanting his name and waving Palestinian flags greeted the president, who is fresh off his successful bid to have the United Nations recognize Palestine , reports al-Jazeera . "Yes, now we have a state," Abbas... More »

UN Poised to Make Palestine a Non-Member State

US, Israel battle the change

(Newser) - The United Nations will today vote on elevating Palestine's status from "entity" to "non-member state"—and the measure should sail through the General Assembly, Reuters reports. Developing countries are set to back the transition, as are more than a dozen European countries, including France and Spain.... More »

France Will Vote for Palestinian Statehood at UN

Britain considering it as well, even as US moves to block vote

(Newser) - Momentum is building behind Palestine's latest push for UN statehood. France will vote in favor of a resolution recognizing Palestine as a nonmember observer state this week, the country's foreign minister told parliament today, in a move the AP sees as timed to convince other European states to... More »

Palestine Bid for UNESCO Membership Moves Forward

Initial approval granted yesterday

(Newser) - Palestine's bid for statehood took one step forward yesterday as it gained initial approval for full membership in the United Nations Educational, Scientific, and Cultural Organization. Membership in UNESCO would allow Palestine to apply to protect its monuments and historical sites as World Heritage Sites, which would increase conflict... More »

Ehud Olmert: Israel Needs Peace Now

Time for Netanyahu to get serious, says former PM

(Newser) - Israel and Palestine seem on a collision course for a diplomatic confrontation at the UN, but “things could and should have been different,” writes former PM Ehud Olmert in an op-ed for the New York Times . “The parameters of a peace deal are well known,” he... More »

Palestine to Security Council: Take Your Time

Statehood resolution doesn't have votes to pass

(Newser) - Palestine won’t push for an immediate Security Council vote on its push for full UN membership, because it doesn’t appear to have the requisite nine votes—even if the US weren’t promising to veto the move. “We will give some time to the Security Council,”... More »

Obama: UN 'Shortcut' Won't Bring Mideast Peace

Netanyahu praises stance as 'badge of honor'

(Newser) - No big surprises in President Obama's address on Palestinian statehood today: He reaffirmed US opposition to a Security Council vote on the matter and said it had to be accomplished through Israeli-Palestinian negotiations instead, reports the Wall Street Journal . The takeaway quote: "There is no shortcut to the... More »

Obama to Meet With Palestinian Leader at UN

He'll also meet with Netanyahu as Perry, Romney hammer policies

(Newser) - If there is indeed a deal in the works to postpone a US-Palestinian showdown on statehood, the two leaders will get to hash it out in person. President Obama will meet Mahmoud Abbas at the UN tomorrow, the AP reports. Obama will meet separately with Israel's Benjamin Netanyahu. Meanwhile,... More »

Deal in Works to Prevent US-Palestine UN Showdown

Mahmoud Abbas would submit a letter, but not force a vote

(Newser) - The international community is hammering out a deal that would spare the US from having to veto Palestine’s move for statehood . There are several ideas floating about, but all revolve around the premise that Mahmoud Abbas would deliver a letter to the Security Council requesting statehood, but would not... More »

'All Hell' Breaks Out in Palestine's Statehood Bid

US lawmakers threaten to nix funding

(Newser) - "All hell has broken out" in Palestine's bid for statehood recognition at the UN, says Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas. The United States has threatened to veto it, Israel opposes it, and dozens of House Democrats have penned a letter saying the US "will reconsider its assistance program"... More »

Poll: World Backs Palestinian State

Survey of people in 19 countries shows 49% support Palestine, 21% oppose

(Newser) - More people support than oppose UN recognition of Palestine as a state, with 49% of those surveyed in 19 countries supporting the proposal and 21% opposed, according to a poll of 20,466 people conducted in July and August by the BBC (and GlobeScan). About 11% think their country should... More »

Abbas: We're Going for Statehood

Palestinian leader says he needs world to 'recognize the occupation'

(Newser) - It’s official: Mahmoud Abbas will demand full UN membership from the Security Council next week, despite an almost certain veto from the US. Abbas formally committed to the gambit for the first time in a speech today, the New York Times reports, saying that “We need a state,... More »

5 Reasons US Should Allow Palestinian State

If Palestinians wait much longer, it will be too late: Reza Aslan

(Newser) - Palestinians plan to push for full statehood in the UN later this month, and the US vows to block them. Reza Aslan offers five reasons in the Los Angeles Times why America should buck Israel ("it is not political suicide") and change its mind:
  • Failed talks: Twenty years
... More »

Palestinians to Buck US, Seek Statehood

They hope it'll strengthen negotiating position with Israel

(Newser) - Barring some kind of last-minute diplomatic magic trick, Mahmoud Abbas will ask the UN Security Council for membership next week, the Palestinian foreign minister said today—even as US diplomats traveled to the West Bank for last-ditch negotiating efforts. “We will see if anyone carries … any credible offer,... More »

US Asks Palestinians to Delay Vote on Statehood

But with large majority support, little Palestinian interest in waiting

(Newser) - With a UN vote looming on recognizing a Palestinian state on Sept. 20, the White House has started a last-minute diplomatic campaign to get the Palestinians to give up their attempt at statehood for more peace talks, reports the New York Times . Although the United States can veto a request... More »

Israel Arming Settlements as Protests Loom

Settlers get tear gas, stun grenades ahead of statehood debate

(Newser) - The Israeli military, expecting widespread confrontations in the West Bank as the United Nations debates recognizing a Palestinian state, is training Jewish settlers to repel protests. Settlement security chiefs are being given tear gas and stun grenades, and the military is mapping out firing zones around settlements, according to leaked... More »

Bibi Ready to Talk Palestine Borders

Borders would be based in 1967 ceasefire, if Palestine recognizes Israel

(Newser) - In a major change of policy, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu is saying for the first time that Israel is ready to discuss the borders of a Palestinian state, using 1967 ceasefire borders as a rough starting point, reports the Telegraph . The offer depends on Palestinians accepting Israel as a... More »

Construction Begins as Settlement Freeze Expires

But Mahmoud Abbas not leaving peace talks yet

(Newser) - Bulldozers were already working to construct Jewish West Bank settlements this morning, after Israel’s construction freeze expired at midnight, but Palestinian president Mahmoud Abbas did not immediately abandon the peace talks as he had threatened. Abbas will instead consult with Arab leaders and allow another week before making a... More »

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