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SNL Romps All Over Trump's Chaotic Week

Jeff Sessions, Rex Tillerson, Betsy DeVos make the show's rounds

(Newser) - A chaotic week at the White House usually makes for a giddy week at Saturday Night Live, and this latest week of rolling heads left no shortage of fish in the barrel. The show opened with Alex Moffat as Anderson Cooper interviewing Kate McKinnon, whom the New York Times describes... More »

SNL Finally Unveils Its Steve Bannon

And it's Bill Murray beneath the Grim Reaper hood

(Newser) - Saturday Night Live wasted little time in tackling the brouhaha over Michael Wolff's White House exposé, with alum Fred Armisen returning as the Fire and Fury author on a Cold Open that returned to the show's running spoof on MSNBC's Morning Joe. Amid what Mashable terms Mika... More »

SNL 'Solves' Mystery of Jay Z-Solange Fight

They kick off star-studded season finale

(Newser) - That Jay Z-Solange catfight that lit up the Interwebs this week? Saturday Night Live provides us with the answer to the mystery of what caused it, and people, it was just a spider. "This is all behind us," says Solange (Sasheer Zamata) in last night's Cold Open,... More »

Elisabeth Moss: Armisen Marriage Was 'Traumatic'

In fact, 'extremely traumatic.' And also 'awful and horrible'

(Newser) - The juiciest tidbit from Elisabeth Moss' extensive New York cover story: She says her eight-month marriage to Fred Armisen was "extremely traumatic and awful and horrible." Armisen has described himself as a "terrible husband" in at least one interview, and Moss agrees. "Looking back, I feel... More »

Late Night in Capable Hands With Seth Meyers

Critics don't find anything amazing about show, but he did just fine

(Newser) - Seth Meyers debuted as the newest Late Night host last night, and critics seem to agree: He did a fine job. There was no huge "wow" moment, but neither did he embarrass himself, and the franchise appears to be in capable hands. Some of the things reviewers are talking... More »

Seth Meyers' Late Night Bandleader: Fred Armisen

Fellow 'SNL' alum will lead 8G Band

(Newser) - Seth Meyers will have an undeniably cool bandleader when he starts hosting Late Night: His fellow Saturday Night Live alum Fred Armisen. Armisen, who currently stars on Portlandia, is also a drummer and guitarist, and will be leading the 8G Band. Armisen has previously drummed for a punk rock band... More »

Seth Meyers Signs Off SNL

And Stefon, Amy Poehler, Andy Samberg stop by to send him off

(Newser) - Seth Meyers ended his reign at the "Weekend Update" desk last night, telling one last dumb-criminal joke for the road before some of Saturday Night Live's more memorable recent alums stopped by to bid him farewell, notes the Hollywood Reporter . Bill Hader, in character as Stefon, and Amy... More »

Kristen Wiig Rocks Return to SNL

Alum 'charms' in Target Lady, Californians

(Newser) - "Eleven months and 30 days" after her emotional departure from Saturday Night Live, Kristen Wiig returned last night as host, rocking an opening monologue to the tune of the Pointer Sisters' "I'm So Excited" in which she tasered Kenan Thompson and stumbled across Jonah Hill and Maya... More »

SNL Gives Thatcher Perfect Punk Sendoff

Hey Maggie Thatcher, you're all right.

(Newser) - Critics weren't particularly wowed with Vince Vaughn's turn as guest host on Saturday Night Live last night, but Fred Armisen's turn as the fictitious lone British punk star with a soft spot for Margaret Thatcher is rising above some mediocre sketches. Armisen's Ian Rubbish rips the... More »

SNL Getting a New Obama

Jay Pharoah will impersonate 'first Canadian president'

(Newser) - Saturday Night Live is getting ready to skewer another election and they've got a new President Obama waiting in the wings. Jay Pharoah will impersonate the president this time around, replacing Fred Armisen, who has been the show's Obama since 2008. "Jay has been doing Obama in... More »

SNL Scrapped Skit Mocking Obama

Spoofed president's handling of Osama bin Laden anniversary

(Newser) - Saturday Night Live opened this weekend with a sketch parodying Fox News (catch highlights here) —but the show had planned a spoof of President Obama, the Daily Caller reports. The ditched sketch featured regular Obama impersonator Fred Armisen taking a lot of credit for the killing of Osama bin... More »

SNL Lambastes 'Linsanity'

Maya Rudolph guest hosts; celebrity cameos abound

(Newser) - Saturday Night Live pulled out all the stops—and all the bad sports cliches/Asian puns—in mocking the "Linsanity" that's swept New York over Taiwanese-American Knicks sensation Jeremy Lin. "Commentators—two black and two white—use Asian stereotypes when discussing Lin, each more offensive than the last,... More »

SNL Comes Up Lame This Primary

This field should be a gift from the comedy gods: Kera Bolonik

(Newser) - There was a time when Saturday Night Live could have had great fun with Mitt Romney's proclamation that he "liked to fire people." Instead we got this week's bland cold open (see video) in which Romney tried to (ha ha) fire his breakfast. "It's... More »

SNL's Obama: Nobody Got What They Wanted

Even the congressional interns are peeved over budget deal

(Newser) - Fred Armisen's Barack Obama opened Saturday Night Live last night with a summary of the budget deal: "No one got everything he wanted, and everyone walked away unhappy." The unhappiness trickled down to Congress, Congressional cleaning staff and interns, Tea Partiers, Mitt Romney, the New York Times, and... More »

Jim Carrey Goes Old School on SNL

Is that Black Swan or Ace Ventura?

(Newser) - Jim Carrey graced Saturday Night Live last night in a black tutu and bearing more than a little resemblance to the physical comedy that defined his early career, notes TV Guide. "Once you go black ... swan, you never go back ... swan," his character warned Bill Hader in a... More »

SNL Presidents Return to Push Financial Reform

Will Farrell, Dana Carvey and more return

(Newser) - The SNL presidents—from Will Ferrell’s George W. Bush to Chevy Chase’s Gerald Ford—have teamed up to produce a sketch advocating financial regulatory reform. OK, Phil Hartman wasn’t brought back from the dead to do Reagan, but Jim Carrey provides a worthy fill-in. The video was... More »

SNL Jabs at Conan, Jay

But it's Larry King who's the brunt of most of sketch's jokes

(Newser) - With NBC's late-night stars smacking each other around all week, Saturday Night Live could hardly wait to get its own licks in on Jay Leno and Conan O'Brien—one of its own alums. But, as David Itzkoff notes in the New York Times , given SNL's ties to NBC's late night,... More »

Honeymoon's Over for SNL, Obama

Saturday Night Live sketch mocks 'do-nothing' prez

(Newser) - Saturday Night Live didn't pull any punches when lampooning President Obama on the weekend and some analysts say that should be a red flag for the administration. A comedy skit purported to come to the president's defense against right-wing complaints that he's a "Hitler." No such thing. "... More »

Obama 'Shilling' for NBC, Right Complains

(Newser) - Some are complaining that NBC used Brian Williams’ interview with President Obama to hawk its late night shows, Deadline Hollywood reports. The interview featured plugs for both Conan O’Brien’s Tonight Show takeover and Fred Armisen’s impression of Obama on Saturday Night Live. “Obama owes NBC so... More »

Mad Men's Moss to Wed SNL's Armisen

Couple engaged less than a week after news of courtship breaks

(Newser) - Elisabeth Moss is apparently luckier in love than her Mad Men character Peggy. Less than a week after news broke that Moss was dating Saturday Night Live star Fred Armisen, the couple is engaged, E! reports. “It happened just a few days ago,” says Moss. “It’s... More »

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