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California Spells Out When 'Yes Means Yes'

Gov. Jerry Brown signs bill about sexual consent

(Newser) - A busy weekend for California Gov. Jerry Brown culminated in several signed bills designed to assist students across his state. Chief among the legislation is SB-967 , which seeks to combat sexual assault on campus by flipping the traditional "no means no" mantra on its head: Colleges and universities will... More »

Brain's Best Super-Food? A Second Language

But the more languages kids speak, the smaller their vocabulary

(Newser) - Knowing a second language looks good on a college application—but there's a more compelling reason to aim for bilingual babes: Bilingualism also helps with early brain development, fueling the repetition of a mental exercise that creates an extra "cognitive reserve," reports Newsweek . As one researcher explains,... More »

Knowing 2nd Language May Ward Off Alzheimer's

Bilinguals cope with dementia better: study

(Newser) - People who want protection against Alzheimer's might want to pick up a second language, LiveScience reports. York University researchers found that bilingual people who suffered from Alzheimer's had cognitive impairment comparable to sufferers who were 4 to 5 years younger—essentially, being bilingual seems to have bought them additional years... More »

2 Languages Better Than 1 for Baby's Brain

Bilingual kids may talk later but excel at 'executive functions'

(Newser) - Some teachers complain that children raised in bilingual households tend to lag behind their peers in school, but a new study suggests multilingual kids' brains may be better organized, the Economist reports. Polyglot babies have stronger "executive function": processes in the brain that help humans plan, prioritize, and switch... More »

Miami Needs to Study Spanish

International financial hub finds Latinos' language skills lagging

(Newser) - Miami's role as an international city—the "financial hub of Latin America," as one businessman calls it—is threatened by its residents' declining Spanish skills, the Miami Herald reports. Many descendants of the Cuban entrepreneurs and businessmen who flooded South Florida in the '60s and '70s speak only... More »

Immigrant Kids Talk the Talk: 90% Master English

Fluency makes dramatic leaps across generations

(Newser) - Although many Spanish-speaking immigrants who moved to America know little English, that's not true of their children and grandchildren, according to a new Pew survey. Only 23% of first-generation immigrants said they were competent in English, but 88% of second-generation and 94% of third-generation residents said they can carry on... More »

Dems' Miami Debate Makes Foray Into Spanish

First presidential debate translated live on Univision

(Newser) - Democratic hopefuls took part in a Spanish-language debate in Miami yesterday, having questions translated UN-style from Spanish to English, and answers back again into Spanish. Though he'd agreed to the ground rules, bilingual contender Bill Richardson couldn't resist  asking in Spanish if he could continue in Spanish, and Sen. Chris... More »

7 Stories