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Assange Taunts Losing Candidate in Ecuador

His place in the embassy appears safe for now

(Newser) - WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange is celebrating the results of Ecuador's presidential runoff with a blast at the losing candidate who had pledged to evict him from Ecuador's embassy in London. Before the election, conservative banker Guillermo Lasso had said he would evict Assange within 30 days of taking... More »

Assange's Fate Will Be Decided by Disputed Ecuador Election

Ruling party candidate appears headed for victory

(Newser) - Ruling party candidate Lenin Moreno looked headed to victory in Ecuador's presidential runoff Sunday but his rival refused to recognize the results, claiming he was the victim of fraud in what could set the stage for prolonged protests. The election in the small Andean nation was being watched closely... More »

US Did Pressure Ecuador About Assange: Report

But the State Dept. denies it

(Newser) - Ecuador may be claiming its decision to cut Julian Assange's internet was all its own , but that's not the story some US officials are telling. Intelligence sources tell NBC News that the US government quietly communicated to Ecuador that Assange is tied up with Russian hacking—officials say... More »

Snowden Made 21 Asylum Requests, Drops Russia Bid

The 'nos' are starting to pile up

(Newser) - Can Edward Snowden afford to be choosy? Authorities in Russia say the NSA leaker has reportedly canceled a request for asylum after balking at the conditions imposed by Vladimir Putin , including no longer leaking information damaging to the US, the AP reports. Snowden has applied for asylum in no fewer... More »

Putin: Snowden Can Stay If...

...he stops 'harming our US partners'

(Newser) - Forget Ecuador ; Vladimir Putin says Edward Snowden can stay in Russia if he's so inclined—on one condition. "If he wants to remain here he must stop his work aimed at damaging our American partners," he said at a news conference, according to RT . "As odd... More »

Ecuador: Snowden 'Not in Our Hands'

Correa backs farther away, says London consul made 'serious error'

(Newser) - Ecuadorean President Rafael Correa says that National Security Agency leaker Edward Snowden is "under the care of Russian authorities" and can't leave Moscow's international airport without his US passport. In an interview with the AP this morning, Correa said he had no idea Snowden's intended destination... More »

Ecuador Starts to Back Away From Snowden, Assange

Its ambassador to the US knocks appearance of Assange 'running the show'

(Newser) - The helping hand Julian Assange is lending to Edward Snowden might be turning into more of a chokehold: The Guardian reports that leaked diplomatic correspondence out of Ecuador shows that President Rafael Correa is somewhat cooling to Snowden's plight and growing weary of Assange. Ecuador's ambassador to the... More »

Ecuador to US: We Won't Cave Over Snowden

No decision yet, but President Correa cites 'threats, insolence' from Washington

(Newser) - Ecuador is holding firm in its decision to consider Edward Snowden's bid for asylum in the country, and it won't let the US change its mind, President Rafael Correa says. Referring to trade benefits the US provides Ecuador, Correa says: "In the face of threats, insolence, and... More »

US, China, Russia Brawl Over Snowden

Fight over NSA leaker is going global

(Newser) - Edward Snowden is rapidly becoming one of the biggest one-man international incidents since the end of the Cold War. As the NSA whistleblower, who is believed to still be in Moscow, remains out of sight, angry words are flying between Moscow, Beijing, Quito, and Washington, the New York Times reports.... More »

Supermarket Tussle Turns Into Diplomatic Incident in Peru

Ecuador's ambassador removed after fight with women

(Newser) - A brief dust-up at a Peruvian supermarket has become an international incident. Ecuador's ambassador to the country squabbled with women in line, resulting in an exchange of blows. It all began when the women skipped in front of Rodrigo Riofrio in line, say a mother and daughter, per Peruvian... More »

Leaders, Hollywood React to Chavez Death

'I lost a friend I was blessed to have' says Sean Penn

(Newser) - Reactions to the death of Hugo Chavez range from the jubilant to the devastated, with the most heartfelt tributes to the late Venezuelan leader coming from his allies in Latin America—and Hollywood.
  • "Chavez will continue to be an inspiration for all peoples who fight for their liberation,"
... More »

Ecuador Saved Assange to Settle an Old Score

President Correa is also grabbing the limelight: Anita Isaacs

(Newser) - You think Ecuador welcomed Julian Assange because his work on WikiLeaks is so vital to democracy? Not at all: Ecuador's president, Rafael Correa, granted asylum to Assange in order to settle an old score with Washington, writes Anita Isaacs in the New York Times . Tensions arose between the two... More »

Ecuador Denies It OKed Asylum for Assange

Officials say it's a go, but President Rafael Correa disavows report

(Newser) - Julian Assange's weeks in the Ecuadorian embassy in London may have worked out for him. Ecuador President Rafael Correa has decided to grant the WikiLeaks founder asylum, at least according to officials who spoke with the Guardian yesterday. They say he was offered asylum months ago, and that Ecuador... More »

Assange's Mom in Ecuador to Fight for Son

Christine Assange warns of death penalty or 'torture' in US

(Newser) - Julian Assange has a new representative in Ecuador: his own mother. Christine Assange is in Quito to seek asylum for her son, who is currently in the country's London embassy , and she's set to meet with officials today, CNN reports. Extradition to the US could mean the death... More »

Troops Save Ecuadorean Prez from Rogue Cops

Correa held captive in hospital by police protesting benefit cuts

(Newser) - Troops have rescued Ecuador's president from a hospital where he had been trapped for over 12 hours by police officers rebelling over benefit cuts. Rafeal Correa, who was tear-gassed and roughed up by rogue cops, described widespread police protests as an attempted coup. He had vowed to leave the hospital... More »

Top 10 Hottest Heads of State

Sorry, Nobel Committee, Obama only ranks 15th

(Newser) - Barack Obama may have won a Nobel Peace Prize, and Yulia Tymoshenko has not, but there’s one thing the Ukrainian prime minister has over the president: She’s ranked No. 1 on HottestHeadsofState.com. The site offers “scientific and unbiased rankings” of world leaders’ hotness, complete with piercing... More »

Ecuador's Lefty President Nabs Landslide Win

Correa is country's first incumbent to be reelected in 37 years

(Newser) - Voters reelected Rafael Correa as president of Ecuador yesterday, making the US-educated leftist the first incumbent to win reelection since 1972. "We have made history," said Correa at his victory rally. After his three predecessors were all thrown out of office amid anti-government protests, Correa has brought a... More »

Venezuela Tried to Arm FARC, Colombia Says

Unverified docs reveal activities of Colombian rebels

(Newser) - Colombian officials claim to have computer files captured from its FARC rebels that indicate Venezuela sold arms to the terrorist group, the New York Times reports. If Interpol verifies the files, they would also suggest links between FARC and Ecuador’s government and provide insight into the rebel organization. Colombia... More »

South American Crisis Ends With Handshakes

After spat over raid, Colombia, Ecuador make nice with promises for future

(Newser) - The threat of war involving Colombia, Ecuador, and Venezuela was diffused today with a bevy of handshakes televised all over Latin America, Reuters reports. Colombian President Alvaro Uribe and his opposite number, Rafael Correa of Ecuador, reached an agreement on combating insurgents in the future; the Colombian military's killing of... More »

Nicaragua Latest to Sever Ties Over Colombia Raid

Ortega, citing 'political terrorism,' follows lead of Ecuador, Venezuela

(Newser) - Nicaragua cut diplomatic ties with Bogota today, ratcheting up the political tension in the wake of Colombia's raid into Ecuador to kill rebels, the BBC reports. Calling Sunday's incursion an act of "political terrorism," President Daniel Ortega followed the lead of Ecuador and Venezuela, which have already severed... More »

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