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How a Tattoo Could Soon Help Diabetics

Sticker uses electric current instead of pinprick

(Newser) - For diabetics, monitoring blood sugar frequently involves pricking one's finger up to eight times daily with a needle, Popular Science reports. That could discourage people from carrying out the task. Fortunately, experts are on the case, and one possible solution comes in the form of what's basically a... More »

Frogs Offer Hope to Diabetics

'Shrinking' amphibian's skin holds key to new treatment alternatives

(Newser) - A frog that lives in the Amazon secretes a substance that stimulates insulin release in humans, offering new hope to diabetics, the BBC reports. The South American shrinking frog, which grows smaller as it ages, produces pseudin-2 through its slimy skin. A synthetic version of the peptide worked even better... More »

Caffeine May Worsen Diabetes

In small sample, patients with type 2 show increased blood sugar levels

(Newser) - Diabetics may want to consider kicking the coffee habit after a new study showed caffeine consumption increased blood sugar levels, Reuters reports. Type 2 diabetics given caffeine pills equivalent to four cups of coffee experienced an 8% rise in average blood glucose levels relative to days when they were given... More »

3 Stories