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Student Debt Driving Elderly Into Poverty

Number with benefits cut to repay loans soars

(Newser) - A soaring number of Americans are facing an old age of poverty because they are still saddled with student debt, according to a Government Accountability Office report released yesterday. The government has the power to slash Social Security or disability benefits to pay off federal student loans, and the number... More »

Household Debt Takes Biggest Leap Since 2007

And that might mean good things for the economy

(Newser) - US household debt spiked by $241 billion in the fourth quarter, up to $11.5 trillion, according to a new report from the Federal Reserve Bank of New York. It's the biggest increase seen since the financial crisis, and the first on a year-over-year basis. That might actually be... More »

For First Time in 4 Years, Americans Borrowing More

Household debts up 0.3%, perhaps showing economy rebounding

(Newser) - American household debt rose in the fourth quarter of 2012, the first rise since 2008 when the recession was in full force, reports the Wall Street Journal . Debts rose 0.3% to $11.34 trillion, including $553 billion in new mortgages, the single biggest source of consumer debt. "There... More »

Net Worth of US Households Sinks Another $1.33T

(Newser) - The net worth of US households—assets minus debt—fell $1.33 trillion in the first quarter to $51.71 trillion, the Wall Street Journal reports. The 2.6% drop is smaller than the 8.6% of 2008’s fourth, a Fed report says. The first-quarter data don’t include... More »

Debt Settlers Promise Relief, Provide Little

Cash-strapped consumers claim companies charge fees without reducing debt

(Newser) - State attorneys general are being overwhelmed with complaints about “debt settlement” companies that promise consumers relief from mounting bills but rarely deliver, the New York Times reports. The number of such companies, which often collect fees of 15% of the total debt to negotiate with creditors, has tripled in... More »

One Million Going Bankrupt

Record spike in bankruptcy filings, more ahead

(Newser) - More than a million Americans are headed for bankruptcy in 2008, mostly due to crippling household debt, according to the American Bankruptcy Institute. There were 76,120 bankruptcy filings last month—a 37% increase over February last year, and the biggest monthly spike since the change in personal bankruptcy laws... More »

6 Stories