South Central LA

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Children Found Stabbed to Death in Car Outside School

Police chief calls it a horrific incident

(Newser) - Three children between the ages of 8 and 12 were found stabbed to death in the back of an SUV parked outside an elementary school in South Los Angeles today, according to the Los Angeles Police Department. Police say a man suspected to be the children's father was found... More »

Survey: Poor LA Students Scared, Depressed

Youths shows symptoms of clinical depression

(Newser) - High-school students in poor LA neighborhoods fear for their safety, show signs of clinical depression, and say the district does a laughable job preparing them for college, the Los Angeles Times reports. A survey of thousands of students from south LA showed more than half felt hopeless and helpless. "... More »

Gang Memoir Exposed as Fiction

Author of Love and Consequences fesses up to fabricating

(Newser) - Margaret Jones' acclaimed memoir of a half-Native American girl growing up in a foster home in South Central LA and running with gangs, Love and Consequences, turns out to be fiction, the New York Times reports. Jones, whose real name is Seltzer, grew up with her birth parents in an... More »

3 Stories