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MIT Builds Robots to Clean Oil Spills

Tech is too late for Gulf, but may prove useful

(Newser) - A fleet of robots to clean up oil spills for us: Sounds pretty nice, right? Thanks to some smart people at MIT, we'll soon have exactly that. Researchers have developed a robotic prototype called Seaswarm that can autonomously navigate waterways, sucking oil off the surface of the ocean using super-absorbent... More »

Physics Fuels Santa's Magic

Nanotechnology, space-time distortions enable Christmas miracles

(Newser) - New research has shed light on the amazing ability of Santa Claus to deliver presents to children around the world in a single night, Reuters reports. Santa is able to distort the space-time continuum, says a North Carolina State expert: "He understands that you can stretch time, compress space... More »

Nanotech Cancer Risk Seen

Nanotubes, widely used 'wonder particles,' could have asbestos-like effect

(Newser) - Researchers have found that microscopic “wonder particles” used in a small number of materials, including bicycle parts and bumpers, have asbestos-like effects if inhaled, the Los Angeles Times reports. Consumers aren’t really at risk from the carbon nanotubes, but factory workers making the products could be, the researchers... More »

HP Planning Revamp of Its Famed R&D Lab

It wants to bring ideas to market faster, without killing pure research

(Newser) - Hewlett Packard is reorganizing its HP Labs in an effort to move more of the projects from the famed idea generator to market—and add to the company’s bottom line—more quickly,  Therese Poletti writes at MarketWatch. But even as HP looks for more commercial results from its... More »

4 Stories