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One of Taiwan's Major Allies Just Switched Sides

Panama switches recognition to Beijing

(Newser) - Panama switched diplomatic relations from Taiwan to China on Tuesday, dealing a major victory to Beijing in its drive to isolate the self-governing island it claims as its own territory. In Panama, President Juan Carlos Varela announced the change, which entails breaking off formal relations with Taiwan, saying in a... More »

US Ambassador to Mexico Quits Over Cables Flap

Carlos Pascual called Mexico's police inefficient and risk-averse

(Newser) - WikiLeaks has toppled its highest-ranking US official yet—the US ambassador to Mexico, Carlos Pascual. In diplomatic cables, Pascual called Mexico's police and armed forces corrupt, risk averse, inefficient, and "reliant on the United States for leads and operations," which really didn't sit well with Mexico's conservative, nationalist... More »

China Fumes Over Obama-Dalai Lama Meeting

Beijing is outraged, but some think it's a show for citizenry

(Newser) - China is fuming as expected after yesterday’s meeting between President Obama and the Dalai Lama. “The US action seriously interfered in Chinese internal affairs, seriously hurt the feelings of China's people and seriously harmed China-US relations,” a foreign ministry spokesman said in a statement. What’s more,... More »

Turkey, Armenia Move Toward Diplomatic Ties

Talks won't touch WWI-era massacre at root of ill feelings, however

(Newser) - Armenia and Turkey, bitter foes for a century, took a step toward reconciliation today by announcing they would launch final talks aimed at establishing diplomatic ties. But they won't discuss the deepest source of their enmity: the World War I-era massacres of Armenians under Ottoman rule. The sides say they... More »

Chernobyl Exchange Teen Demands to Stay in US

Furious Belarus officials call California host family 'kidnappers'

(Newser) - A Chernobyl exchange teen who doesn’t want to leave her host California family has infuriated Belarus officials, who are demanding her return. Tanya Kazyra, 16, has spent the last nine summers with a Petaluma family as part of a humanitarian exchange health program for children suffering the effects of... More »

US Flip-Flops on Closing Belarus' DC Embassy

Shuttering was to be retaliation for republic's booting of Americans

(Newser) - Washington backpedaled at the last minute from closing the Belarusian embassy today, the AP reports. The State Department aims to retaliate for yesterday's expulsion of most of the staff of the US embassy in Minsk—and could yet take action against Belarus diplomats, an official said. More »

Colombia: FARC Was After Uranium

Ecuador cuts ties, says slain rebel leader was key in hostage deal

(Newser) - Colombia has accused Ecuador and Venezuela of cooperating with FARC guerrillas who were trying to buy uranium, the BBC reports, even as Ecuador cut ties with Colombia and Venezuela expelled its diplomats. “FARC is taking big steps in the world of terrorism to become a global aggressor,” said... More »

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