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Irish Border Problem Holds Up Brexit Talks

Deal slips away after talks in Brussels

(Newser) - The European Union and Britain ended a flurry of top-level diplomacy on Monday without a deal on the terms of their divorce, as agreement on how to maintain an open Irish border after Brexit slipped out of the negotiators' grasp, the AP reports. British Prime Minister Theresa May went to... More »

After Shocking Election Turn, Here's What's Next in UK

Conservatives looking to form government with DUP

(Newser) - Theresa May appears set to stay on as prime minister despite the spectacular failure of her attempt to increase the Conservative Party's majority with an early election in the UK. The BBC reports that May, whose party lost 12 seats in Parliament, leaving it without the majority needed to... More »

Wife's Sex Scandal Forces N. Ireland Pol to Take Break

First minister will yield power for 6 weeks, pending investigation

(Newser) - The first minister of Northern Ireland will take a 6-week break pending an investigation into a sex scandal involving his wife. Peter Robinson, leader of the Democratic Unionist Party, has been under enormous political pressure since revelations that his wife, Iris, a member of the Northern Ireland assembly, received $80,... More »

Brown Hangs Tough to Win Terrorism Vote

UK PM denies buying support for increase in detention time

(Newser) - Prime Minister Gordon Brown prevailed in a crunch vote last night to extend Britain's period of detention without trial for terror suspects to 6 weeks, the BBC reports. Brown avoided defeat by convincing a small Northern Ireland party to support him after 36 members of his Labour Party joined the... More »

Top N. Ireland Minister Will Step Down

Paisley played key role in power-sharing, peace agreements

(Newser) - Northern Ireland’s influential first minister, Ian Paisley, will step down in May, Reuters reports. The Protestant evangelist, 81, helped soothe religious strife in the province when he agreed to share power with Catholics last year after decades of fueling the conflict, the AP reports. "I've achieved my aims,... More »

5 Stories