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Billy Graham Hospitalized With Infection

Evangelist in stable condition at North Carolina hospital

(Newser) - Evangelist Billy Graham was admitted to a North Carolina hospital last night with an infection in his lungs, the AP reports. Doctors say he is receiving antibiotics for what is probably bronchitis, and resting comfortably in stable condition. Graham, 93, received treatment for pneumonia last November and last May . According... More »

Official Seeks Ban on 'Kick in the Face' Preacher

Todd Bentley says Holy Spirit moves him to violence

(Newser) - What to do with a tattooed evangelist who tries to cure people by kicking them in the face? Todd Bentley, a Canadian based in the US, plans to tour the UK this month—but Labour MP Malcolm Wicks says no way, the Daily Mail reports. "His visit can do... More »

Billy Graham Hospitalized

Evangelist, 93, will be tested for pneumonia

(Newser) - The Rev. Billy Graham was admitted to a hospital today near his home in western North Carolina to be tested for pneumonia after suffering from congestion, a cough, and a slight fever. The 93-year-old evangelist was taken to Mission Hospital in Asheville, and his personal physician said he was in... More »

Billy Graham Hospitalized

92-year-old evangelist treated for pneumonia

(Newser) - Evangelist Billy Graham has been admitted to a hospital n North Carolina for treatment for pneumonia. Doctors say the 92-year-old Graham came to Asheville's Mission Hospital this morning after suffering a health episode overnight. Initial testing suggested pneumonia, and diagnostic studies showed his heart was normal. More »

Holy Roller Pat Robertson: Legalize Marijuana

Busting people for a few ounces is 'ruining' lives, says 700 Club founder

(Newser) - The support for marijuana legalization is picking up supporters in some surprising sectors. Uber-conservative evangelist Pat Robertson is now calling for legalization of the drug because treating users like criminals is "ruining lives." We've "got to take a look at what we're considering crimes," he said... More »

Obama Eulogizes W.Va. Miners

In praising 29 men who died in explosion, president criticizes safety sustem

(Newser) - President Obama paid tribute this afternoon to the miners who died in the explosion at the Upper Big Branch mine in West Virginia, implicitly criticizing the mine-safety system as he celebrated the lives of the 29 men who perished, reports the Hill . "How can we fail them?" he asked.... More »

Graham Cut From Pentagon Pray-In After Muslim Dig

Preacher gets the boot over anti-Islam comments

(Newser) - The Pentagon has decided that a preacher who says Islam is "vile and evil" and that Muslims can only be accepted by God through faith in Jesus isn't an appropriate speaker for an all-faith prayer event. Franklin Graham, son of Billy Graham, has been disinvited from National Day of... More »

Oral Roberts Dead at 91

Evangelist reached millions during his heyday

(Newser) - Evangelist Oral Roberts, who rose from tent revivals to found a multimillion-dollar organization and an Oklahoma university bearing his name, died today at 91 of complications from pneumonia in Newport Beach, Calif. He had been hospitalized after a fall on Saturday. Roberts was a pioneer on two fronts—he helped... More »

Evangelist Convicted on 10 Counts of Sex Abuse

(Newser) - Tony Alamo, a one-time street preacher who became an outfitter to the stars and fought the federal government over claims he underpaid followers for church work, was convicted today in Arkansas of taking five girls across state lines for sex. The jury of nine men and three women found Alamo... More »

Axelrod to Warren Haters: Get Over It

Obama aide says tax cut coming; Laura Bush defends George

(Newser) - To those who object to Rick Warren delivering the invocation at Barack Obama's inauguration, chief adviser David Axelrod has a message: chill out. On today's Meet the Press, he heralded the choice as political bridge-building: A conservative pastor praying for a progressive president "is a healthy thing and... More »

Cops Raid Evangelist Complex in Kid Abuse Probe

Arkansas leader calls case a 'hoax'

(Newser) - Police raided an evangelist’s compound in Arkansas seeking evidence into allegations that he physically and sexually abused children, CNN reports. Some 100 agents took part in the raid on the 15-acre grounds in Fouke near Texarkana. Authorities were interviewing several children throughout the weekend. Evangelist leader Tony Alamo ripped... More »

Top N. Ireland Minister Will Step Down

Paisley played key role in power-sharing, peace agreements

(Newser) - Northern Ireland’s influential first minister, Ian Paisley, will step down in May, Reuters reports. The Protestant evangelist, 81, helped soothe religious strife in the province when he agreed to share power with Catholics last year after decades of fueling the conflict, the AP reports. "I've achieved my aims,... More »

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