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2 Weeks to Go: 16 GOPers Jockey for 10 Debate Spots

Who's in, who's out, and who's teetering on the edge

(Newser) - There are just two weeks to go until the first Republican debate on Aug. 6, and the lineup isn't even close to set. Sixteen candidates are vying for 10 podiums on Fox's stage, reserved for those at the top in recent polls. Here's the latest:
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SNL May Have Triggered Tougher Scrutiny of Obama

Sketches lampooned starry-eyed coverage

(Newser) - A Saturday Night Live sketch 10 days ago lampooning the perceived media bias favoring Barack Obama over Hillary Clinton may have changed the way Obama has been covered in the last several days, AP reports. The SNL debate skit showing starry-eyed journalists fawning over Obama echoed complaints by Clinton's supporters.... More »

2 Stories