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US Life Expectancy, Health Costs Not a Pretty Picture

Viral graph shows better stats for numerous developed countries

(Newser) - A graphic that's gaining wide currency on the Internet paints a grim picture of the American health care system, which costs more than any other country's but results in an average life expectancy that's solidly middle-of-the-pack. The graph, originally posted on a National Geographic blog, wasn't clear enough for the... More »

AMD Chip Brings Games to Mainstream

High-caliber graphics will now be available on family computers, laptops

(Newser) - A new chip may make up-market graphics applications like graphics editing and video games accessible on mass-market computers, says maker AMD. The 780 series integrated graphics chip, announced Tuesday at the CeBIT trade show in Germany, makes use of technology acquired when AMD bought ATI Technologies in 2006. "It... More »

2 Stories