10,000 BC

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Top 10 Historically Flawed Flicks

10,000 BC , Gladiator, and 300 top Yahoo's list of historical misfires

(Newser) - Most historical films forgo a few facts for dramatic flair, but these flicks leave truth to the cutting room floor. Yahoo lists the most inaccurate movies ever:
  1. 10,000 BC: Woolly mammoths weren't around to help build the pyramids.
  2. Gladiator: Emperor Commodus didn't kill his dad... chickenpox did.
  3. 300: Spartan
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10,000 BC Clobbers Competition

College Road Trip pulls into second place

(Newser) - Action epic 10,000 BC fought its way to the top of the box office this weekend, grabbing Warner Bros. $35.7 million, Bloomberg reports. The chronicle of a hunter facing massive beasts clambered over another new release, College Road Trip, a family film which took $14 million, as well... More »

BC Movie Critters Strong on Terror, Not Accuracy

Still, most of the beasts in the new flick did exist somewhere at some point

(Newser) - The computer-generated critters in the movie 10,000 BC—due out Friday—all actually existed at some point, but their portrayal in the film is scientifically sketchy. Saber-toothed tigers and woolly mammoths weren't as big as portrayed, and the film's huge terror birds died out 40 million years ago. One... More »

3 Stories