saber-toothed cats

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Scientists Looking to Reverse Extinction

New techniques could bring back long-lost creatures

(Newser) - Human activity and other factors have annihilated countless species over the last few hundred thousand years, but researchers now believe some of those creatures aren't necessarily gone forever, the New York Times finds. Cloning requires an intact cell, but advances in technology mean that it could be possible to... More »

BC Movie Critters Strong on Terror, Not Accuracy

Still, most of the beasts in the new flick did exist somewhere at some point

(Newser) - The computer-generated critters in the movie 10,000 BC—due out Friday—all actually existed at some point, but their portrayal in the film is scientifically sketchy. Saber-toothed tigers and woolly mammoths weren't as big as portrayed, and the film's huge terror birds died out 40 million years ago. One... More »

2 Stories