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Why Are More Latinos Converting to Radical Islam?

Antonio Martinez is the latest troubling case

(Newser) - The FBI's arrest of alleged would-be terrorist Antonio Martinez highlights a growing concern among US officials: Why are more Latinos converting to radical Islam? The question is especially important because Latino converts are being radicalized in the US—and al-Qaeda appears to be specifically recruiting them, because they can move... More »

2nd American Woman Among Terror Arrests

Colorado mom Jamie Paulin-Ramirez was recent convert to Islam

(Newser) - A 31-year-old mother who last year converted to Islam and left Colorado for New York to marry a Muslim man is among those in custody in Ireland over an alleged plot to kill a Swedish cartoonist—the second blond, American woman involved in the effort, after Colleen LaRose, aka Jihad... More »

Gadhafi Hires 200 Hot Italian Women, Tries to Convert Them

Leader also gives out copies of his book

(Newser) - Moammar Gadhafi hired a couple of hundred attractive Italian women for the night, headed to the Libyan ambassador's place in Rome, shepherded them into a room, and ... tried to convert them to Islam. The Libyan dictator offered $75 for the evening, causing most of the women to assume they’d... More »

Gitmo Guard: Why I Embraced Islam

Terry Holdbrooks sympathized with the detainees, and was soon bounced from the army

(Newser) - Terry Holdbrooks didn’t know anything about Islam when he was assigned to guard the Guantanamo Bay detention center. The lone son of junkie parents, raised by his ex-hippie grandparents, he liked hard drinking, hard rock, and tattoos. But once there he became intensely curious about Islam, wondering how the... More »

Terror Suspect Led Typical Suburban Life

But Boyd fought in Afghanistan, said 'good Muslims' waged jihad

(Newser) - The arrest of construction worker Daniel Boyd and his sons for conspiring to support terrorists came as a complete shock to their neighbors in North Carolina, who describe the 39-year-old father as a friendly gardener and fisherman. But Boyd has followed an uncommon path. After converting to Islam in the... More »

Meet Mikaeel: Jacko Converts to Islam

British tabloid says King of Pop assumes new name in ceremony

(Newser) - Michael Jackson has followed the path of fellow entertainer Cat Stevens in converting to Islam, a source tells the British tabloid the Sun. Jackson—now called Mikaeel—recently went through a ceremony at a friend’s Hollywood Hills home, after being swayed by pals who said the faith had made... More »

Muhammad Probably Never Existed: Theologian

Islamic scholar's theory enrages Muslims

(Newser) - An Islamic professor's belief that Muhammad probably never existed has Muslim groups seething, the Wall Street Journal reports. The German convert to Islam says he cast a critical eye over historical records and found little to indicate the prophet was a real person. Muhammad’s name didn't appear on coins... More »

Ex-Sailor Convicted in Terror Case

Navy signalman told al-Qaeda group about ship movements

(Newser) - A jury in Connecticut convicted a former Navy sailor today of passing along classified information about US ships in the Persian Gulf to terrorists, the AP reports. Prosecutors said Phoenix native Hassan Abu-Jihaad, 32, sent details about naval ship movements to a group affiliated with al-Qaeda in April of 2001.... More »

8 Stories