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5 Man-Made Natural Disasters

Floods to mud, there's lots we can take responsibility for besides global warming

(Newser) - Humans can do a righteous job of messing up the planet in the long term. We're also more than capable of wreaking short-term havoc with these man-made natural disasters, reports the New Scientist:
  1. Mud volcanoes: While we can't create the real thing, shoddy mining practices in East Java have made
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Grand Canyon Flood Creates New Landscape

Management debate continues

(Newser) - The manmade flood that washed out part of the Grand Canyon last week has already produced sandbars, which indicate the project was a success, National Park officials tell the AP. The flood was designed to make up for the loss of natural distribution of sediment that accompanied the erection of... More »

Feds Flood Grand Canyon

Controlled deluge may help rebuild vanishing sandbars

(Newser) - Government officials sent a flood of water surging through the Grand Canyon today in a bid to mimic Mother Nature and rebuild sandbars and other natural habitat for endangered fish. The deluge will continue for three days, increasing by about four or five times the usual flow from the Grand... More »

Greenies Blast Plan to Flood Colorado River

Move may help fish endangered by dam, scientists say

(Newser) - A plan to flood the Colorado River is a token move that leaves fish endangered, green advocates say. Federal officials retort that scientists will probe whether the controlled flood—the third so far—helps species threatened by the Glen Canyon Dam. But "doing one of these every five or... More »

4 Stories