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'Pro-Life' Rep. Who Reportedly Urged Abortion Seeks 'Healing'

Tim Murphy will not seek re-election after term ends

(Newser) - Rep. Tim Murphy of Pennsylvania will not seek re-election at the end of this term following a report suggesting the anti-abortion Republican asked his mistress to have an abortion. "After discussions with my family and staff, I have come to the decision that I will not seek re-election,"... More »

Internet Doesn't Like La. Pol's Auschwitz Gas Chamber Video

Auschwitz Memorial's Twitter account was especially irate at Rep. Clay Higgins

(Newser) - A video that went up on Lee Johnson Media's YouTube channel on Saturday is causing grief for the Louisiana congressman behind the footage. The Times-Picayune reports on Rep. Clay Higgin's perhaps ill-thought-out recording, a five-minute reel that he apparently thought would have more impact if he shot it... More »

Lawmaker Ruffled by Duck Ramp Told to 'Duck Off'

Rep. Mark Walker's complaint about government waste wasn't well received

(Newser) - The president of a non-profit that helps animals in Washington, DC, calls it a lifesaving measure. Rep. Mark Walker calls it a waste of government funds. Such is the debate raging over a simple duck ramp installed by government officials at the Capitol Reflecting Pool, which is drawing quite a... More »

NC Lawmaker: Charlotte Protesters 'Hate White People'

Rep. Robert Pittenger has apologized after accusations of racism

(Newser) - A congressman has apologized for his eye-raising comments about the protesters in Charlotte during a TV interview Thursday, but that's hardly quelling accusations of racism. Asked about the protesters, Republican Rep. Robert Pittenger—who represents North Carolina's ninth congressional district, which covers parts of Charlotte—told BBC Newsnight... More »

Politician Made History With Insanity Plea

Daniel Sickles killed his wife's lover in 1859, and got off

(Newser) - New York Congressman Daniel Sickles put it simply before killing a friend: "Key, you scoundrel, you have dishonored my house—you must die!" But the trial that followed was hardly simple and set a vast historic precedent when Sickles became the first American to successfully plead temporary insanity,... More »

Female Staffers in DC Face Unusual Gender Hurdle

National Journal: Some say they're not allowed to be alone with the boss, ever

(Newser) - A poll by the National Journal of women who work as congressional staffers has turned up a surprising hurdle they face: Some are never allowed to be alone with a male boss, ever. The idea is to avoid even the hint of impropriety, which might work great for the congressman... More »

Congressman to Protester: 'I'll Drop Your A--'

Freshman Steve Knight gets a little testy after critic gets a little aggressive

(Newser) - A freshman congressman in California is getting some unwanted attention after briefly losing his temper with a protester. Rep. Steve Knight is seen on the video posted at leaning in close to the protester and saying, "If you touch me again, I'll drop your ass."... More »

Rookie Congressman Makes Big Gaffe at Hearing

Florida's Curt Clawson speaks to US officials as if they were foreigners

(Newser) - A newly elected congressman is making his first national headlines for all the wrong reasons. In a gaffe spotted by Foreign Policy , Florida Republican Curt Clawson spoke to two US officials testifying before a House panel as if they were foreigners. "I'm familiar with your country; I love... More »

Barney Frank Film Pairs Him With 'Gay Slur' Actor

Alec Baldwin produced new documentary on ex-lawmaker

(Newser) - Barney Frank may be retired, but a new documentary has him back in the spotlight—and pairs him with an actor some would call an unlikely ally, the Daily Beast reports. The gay, retired Massachusetts lawmaker will be interviewed at the Tribeca Film Festival premiere of Compared to What by... More »

Zimbabwe Busts Former US Rep on Porn Charge

Melvin Reynolds resigned in '95 over statutory rape conviction

(Newser) - A former US congressman was arrested in Zimbabwe yesterday on alleged porn possession and immigration violations, the AP reports. Melvin Jay Reynolds is an Illinois Democrat who resigned from his House of Representatives seat in 1995 after being convicted of 12 counts of statutory rape (specifically, NBC New York reports,... More »

Congressman Busted on Cocaine Charges

Republican Trey Radel represents Florida

(Newser) - A freshman Republican in the House now has much bigger worries than a re-election campaign. Rep. Trey Radel, who represents Florida's Fort Myers area, has been charged with misdemeanor cocaine possession in DC, reports Politico . The Miami Herald describes Radel as a "libertarian-leaning" Republican in line with the... More »

Jesse Jackson Jr., Wife Going to Prison

He gets 30 months, she gets 1 year in staggered sentences

(Newser) - Jesse Jackson Jr. wept in court today, apologized for using $750,000 in campaign funds as his personal piggy bank, and then took his lumps: 30 months in federal prison and three years' probation, reports the Chicago Tribune . “I am the example for the whole Congress,” he said.... More »

Jesse Jackson Jr. Strikes Plea Deal, May Face Jail

Former congressman accused of misusing campaign funds

(Newser) - Jesse Jackson Jr. has struck a deal on federal charges that he used campaign contributions for personal expenses, reports NBC Chicago . He will have to repay hundreds of thousands of dollars, but the big question is whether Jackson is headed to jail. NBC says it's up to a federal... More »

Jesse Jackson Jr. Returning to Clinic

Sun-Times says he's going back to Mayo

(Newser) - If it looked like Jesse Jackson Jr. was on track to getting his bipolar depression under control and heading back to Congress, this might suggest otherwise: The Chicago-Sun Times says Jackson is returning to the Mayo Clinic for treatment because constant media scrutiny made progress in Chicago impossible. Despite his... More »

Tobacco Defender in Congress Now Paid Lobbyist

Steve Buyer once compared it to lettuce

(Newser) - It takes a man of strong conviction to stand up in Congress and compare tobacco to lettuce—he was talking about the smokeless variety, but still. Well, Steve Buyer is no longer a congressman, and, hey, what do you know, he just landed a job as consultant and lobbyist for... More »

Capitol Police, FBI Investigate Threats to Akin

Congressman and family under fire after his rape comments

(Newser) - Capitol Police and the FBI are looking into threats made against Missouri Congressman Todd Akin—and his family—in the wake of his "legitimate rape" comments, reports KSDK-TV . A police spokesperson says there is "an active, open investigation," though she declined to give details, reports AP . An... More »

Jesse Jackson Jr. Has Bipolar Disorder

Likely a result of his 2004 gastric bypass surgery

(Newser) - Rep. Jesse Jackson Jr. has been diagnosed with bipolar disorder and is responding well to treatment, doctors at the Mayo Clinic say. The Illinois congressman, who has been absent from Congress since early June, is suffering from the milder and more easily treated version of the disorder, according to the... More »

Meet Paul Ryan

Wires flesh out VP candidate's personal, professional bio

(Newser) - Get ready for a stream of stories about Paul Davis Ryan. Some tidbits about the 42-year-old Republican congressman from Wisconsin who hopes to be vice president :
  • Family man: He and wife Janna have three kids, Charles, Samuel, and Elizabeth. He's a native of Janesville, Wisconsin.
  • Father: He died of
... More »

Jesse Jackson Jr at Mayo Clinic for Depression

Congressman releases statement on his absence

(Newser) - More than two weeks after Rep. Jesse Jackson Jr. dropped out of sight, on medical leave for "exhaustion" and a "mood disorder," the congressman issued a statement saying he had checked into the Mayo Clinic “for extensive inpatient evaluation for depression and gastrointestinal issues,” reports... More »

Jackson Being Treated for 'Mood Disorder'

Congressman is at residential treatment facility, office says

(Newser) - Jesse Jackson Jr.'s office has denied reports that the congressman is being treated for alcoholism, saying he is "receiving intensive medical treatment at a residential treatment facility for a mood disorder." Jackson has been on medical leave since being hospitalized for exhaustion a month ago. His... More »

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