Helen Keller

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Helen Keller's Favorite Climbing Tree Cut Down

The oak at her childhood home was damaged by tornadoes, bugs

(Newser) - As a child, Helen Keller used to enjoy climbing a large oak tree in the front yard of her home in Tuscumbia, Alabama, the Times Daily reports. Yesterday, workers with chainsaws removed the tree, which had stood for more than 200 years. “Isn’t that the saddest thing?” Sue... More »

This Exists: Sunglasses Named for ... Helen Keller

Chinese company's motto: 'You see the world, the world sees you'

(Newser) - Today's story from the department of very questionable taste: A Chinese company is selling Helen Keller-brand sunglasses attached to the motto, "You see the world, the world sees you." Before you assume that maybe choosing a blind woman as the face of your glasses was a harmless... More »

Blind Actors Blast Breslin Pick for Keller

Advocates complain that blind, deaf had no chance to audition

(Newser) - Advocates for blind and deaf actors complain that they were never given a chance to audition for the role of Helen Keller in an upcoming revival of The Miracle Worker. The part has instead been given to Abigail Breslin, best known for playing Olive in Little Miss Sunshine. The Broadway... More »

New Keller Photo Surfaces

It may be the first image of her with teacher Anne Sullivan

(Newser) - A rare photo of a young Helen Keller accompanied by teacher Anne Sullivan in 1888 has surfaced among a family collection donated to the New England Historic Genealogical Society. The photo, which was tucked away in an album, may be the first taken of the two and the only to... More »

4 Stories