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House Transport Chief Dating Top Airline Lobbyist

Shuster acknowledges 'private and personal relationship'

(Newser) - A Republican congressman told off for partying with female lobbyists a few years ago appears to have settled down with just one. Bill Shuster, chair of the House Transportation and Infrastructure Committee, has been dating a top airline lobbyist since last summer, multiple sources tell Politico . Shelley Rubino is a... More »

TSA Let $184M Equipment Gather Dust: House

Republicans accuse agency of waste

(Newser) - The Transportation Security Administration stashed $184 million worth of equipment in a Texas warehouse instead of sending it to the airports it was intended for—and then tried to hide it from Congress, House Republicans allege. In a report presented today at a joint hearing of the Oversight and Transportation... More »

Orlando Airport Moves to Ditch TSA Staff

Rep. Mica urges airports to hire private contractors instead

(Newser) - Air security staffers aren't getting a lot of love lately, and Orlando's airport now wants to get rid of as many TSA workers as it can. The Florida airport has applied to replace TSA screeners with private contractors. An airport spokeswoman tells Aol News the action is in response to... More »

US Infrastructure Is a 'Bridge to Almost Nowhere'

Infrastructure spending is critical, but not on bridges to nowhere

(Newser) - Recently the House passed an $18 billion infrastructure bill, and Barack Obama has indicated that he'll ask for billions more in spending to create jobs while improving the nation's roads and bridges. But as New York Times columnist David Leonhardt writes, insufficient investment is only part of the problem. At... More »

FAA Too Cozy With Airlines, Whistle-Blowers Say

Lawmakers cite agency's 'complacency' in letting safety risks fly

(Newser) - An overly cozy relationship between airlines and the federal agency tasked with inspecting them has lawmakers worried in the wake of hearings yesterday on Capitol Hill, the Chicago Tribune reports. Federal Aviation Administration officials let serious safety issues fly, ignoring maintenance and inspection regulations, safety specialists, government overseers and whistle-blowers... More »

Southwest Faces Record Fines

Airline found several cracks after skipping required safety checks

(Newser) - Southwest Airlines faces at least $3 million in fines sought by the FAA for failing to inspect 46 older Boeing 737-300 jets for structural flaws identified in a 2004 safety directive, reports the Wall Street Journal. The expected penalty would be the largest imposed on an airline in 20 years.... More »

6 Stories